9 Solid Quotes That Are Perfectly Apt To The Current Scenario Of Telugu Movies!


Before starting off, let me make it clear that this isn’t a negative article.. A movie, which everyone were badly waiting for, didn’t reach up to the expectations. In fact it went the other way around. The result of the film is currently the most discussed topic on social media – not just because of the expectations it carried before its release, but due to the huge ensemble of star cast & crew behind it. Sadly, social media is filled with a lot of trolls and memes, fans’ agony and angry videos from all walks of life. Instead of regularly looking at the side of ‘what went wrong?’… let us see how “the result” of the film had a lot of metaphorical messages. Keeping the negativity aside, let us take a look at some of the famous quotes that perfectly sync in to the current situation at this very moment. (This – not just goes with a particular movie, but every movie goer and the situation in Tollywood today).











Let us all take the positivity in it, keep the negative aspect aside and rise above hate.


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