You Must Check Out This Temple In Hyderabad That Is An Exact Replica Of The One In Puri!


Did you know there is a Jagannath Temple in our very own Hyderabad, located at road number 12 Banjara Hills, besides Telangana Bhavan. This temple is a close replica of Puri Jagannath Temple in Orissa.

This Jagannath Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, houses statues of Lord Jagannath with his siblings – Balarama and Subhadra. There are five small temples as well, each dedicated to a particular deity. On the left side of the entrance, there is a small temple of Lord Ganesha. In front, there is a statue of Lord Shiva. Other small temples house the statues of Goddess Bimala, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati; Goddess Laxmi and Shri Hanuman. On one side, there is a shrine of Navagraha as well. There is a dedicated priest for each one of the deities.

The Hyderabad Jagannath Temple was built in the year 2009. This Beautiful temple has been constructed over an area of 3000 sq. yard. Approximately 600 tons of sandstone was brought in from Orissa just for this project. On entering the temple premises, you can see carvings of all nine incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The idols of the main deities are also carved out from wood, which was also brought from Orissa, similar to that of Puri temple.

The major attraction of this temple is its 70 feet, Shikaram. The exterior of the temple also has carvings of men and women on its walls. These carvings are in a way similar to those of the Khajuraho Temples. The rituals here are carried out in the same way as in original Puri Jagannath Temple. Similar way, annual Rath Yatra is also organised in the Hyderabad’s Jagannath temple.


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