Meet The 13 Year Old Hyderabadi Pulakita Hasvi, Who Climbed The Highest Kilimanjaro Mountain

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Kilimanjaro ante manalo chala mandhiki gurthochedhi ROBO cinema ne, but mountaineers ki matram adhi one of the special places. Mountaineering ante sport of climbing mountains ani, mari vallaki enduku antha special ante ? Ye Mountaineer list lo ayina unde major goal Sevel summits climb cheyali ani. Seven Summits ante 7 continents lo unna 7 highest mountains ani ardam. So Kilimanjaro (tallest in Africa) one of the seven summits kabatti it is so special for all the passionate mountaineers. So aa particular mountain ni recent ga mana hyderabad ki chendhina Muriki Pulakita Hasvi ane ammayi successful ga climb chesi she made us proud.

Muriki Pulakita Hasvi is a 13-year old, thanu ipudu Excellencia Infinitum lo 9th class chaduvuthundi. Mountaineering tho paatu she is also a National level skater and also she plays badminton. Everest ane movie chusi inspire ayyyi lo aa climb lo unde challenges ki excite ayyi she wanted to try that out. Ee year Covid 2nd wave apudu april month lo thana first experience kosam Mt Everest Base Expedition camp lo participate chesindhi. Hyderabad nundi Hasvi (13) and  Rohan Reddy (13) ee journey ni guide/coach Romil Barthwal help tho April 2nd start chesi Mount Nangakarshang (5,010m) ki 6 days lo and base camp of Mt Everest (5,360 m) n 3 days lo trek chesi successful ga complete chesaru.


Mountaineering is not an easy task. Hasvi sports lo active undadam valla fitness thanaki problem avvaledhu. Athough she was fit starting lo she experienced headache,dizziness and body pains. Mountains climb chesthunnapudu there are many challenges. Oxygen levels chala takkuva untayi, ekkuva dehydration avuthundi, general trek anedhi oka 4-5 days untundhi kabatti people should experierence extremes of climate, Hyperthermia, Acute Mountain Sickness ila chala challenges face cheyalsi osthundi. Ivanni daati oka 13 year olad ammayi trek chesindhi ante thana dedication and motivation ki salaam kottalsindhe. Fun fact enti ante Online classes punyama ani Mt Everest Base camp ki vellinapudu she didn’t miss ay classes anta.

“Being mentally strong and self-motivation plays a key role”Muriki Pulakita Hasvi

Training for the trek of Mt Kilimanjaro (5895 m)

April lo Everest base camp complete chesi ochaka Hasvi Kilimanjaro trek ki trainng start chesindhi. Back and ankles ki weight pettukuni 30-40 kilometres cycling and 200-300 metres sprints cheyadam start chesaru. As Hasvi is already fit, so physical training tho paat breathing kosam yoga medha ekkuva concentrate chesindhi. Mountaineering lo long distances slow ga nadavadam important, consistency plays a key role. Training process lo she had to increase weight , put on diet, mostly stamina iche foods like carrots and peas diet lo ekkuva undevi.

“It’s not a very easy feat, even for adults. But these children were determined and pushed themselves to do their best. It was quite motivating to see them. We would trek for seven to eight km every day, and as you climb up the oxygen level drop making it difficult to walk even a few steps. But, despite several challenges they never gave up”Coach Romil Barthwal

The Final Experience

Mothaniki Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro oka adventurous journey ani and aa particular trek lo anni weather conditions experience cheyalsi osthundhani, Mountaineering ki most important mental strength ani Hasvi chepparu. Alanti oka space lo meditate cheyadam is so peaceful ani and nature ni chala dagara nundi chudadam oka serene feeling ani chepparu.

” My message to all young generations is not to ask them to choose Mountaineering but to basically tell them to conquer their mountain in their lives”Muriki Pulakita Hasvi

Hasvi also shared a cute story that three months nundi chocolates avoid cheyadam is a big thing for her ani and peak ki reach ayyi climb complete chesaka akada snickers tini aa wrapper ni oka souvenier ga, oka memento ga techukunaru ani chepparu.

Future Goals

7 Continents lo unna 7 highest peaks ni climb cheyadame thana dream ani chepparu Hasvi. She wants to be the youngest girl to scale the Seven Summits and daniki kavalsina preparations trainings anni start chesarani and by 2024 she wanted to achieve the goal ani annaru.

We are more than proud of you Hasvi , nuvvu taggaku ichipadey asala. Wishing her All the very best for the future goals. Meeru kuda kindha comments lo best wishes cheppeyandi. Ika Selavu.

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