What Happens If PUBg Gets Banned? Ahaa Just Imagine Anthe


PUBg ban aithe na!! Asal ah oohe chala dangerous ga undi kada.. Aithe okavela nijam gane ban aithe… Ahaa just imagine, Aithe enti. Here’s an exasperating farrago of distortions .. adhe adhe.. mana jeevitalu ela maaripotayo oh look edham:


1. Life will become parama boring-u & clueless. Players will not understand what to do with all the free time in their lives anymore.

Daily night-out lu esi teams divide cheskoni match lu aadevaallam..:

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2. Youngsters will blame the government. Do all kinds of online protests. Cuz #PUBg>Patriotism.

Rahul Gandhi will promise the youth that, If he becomes the PM, He’ll bring back PUBg.

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3. Some very rich Indian company (rhymes with Dio) will make an exact copy of the app, JUBg and release it.

After successfully launching JUBg:

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4. Call Of Duty & Fortnite game developers will party hard that night.

Pochinki poooye..

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5. You will suddenly realise the real capacity of your phone battery. Your battery will last more than 15 hours per charge.

‘Ayyabaaboi, Enti idhi mana phone ye na…’

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6. Your parents will throw a celebration party out of happiness.

Most happiest people right now:

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7. No more istri with your phone. Yes, Your phone won’t feel like a burning istri pette anymore.

How your phone feels like after PUBg gets banned:

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8. After lockdown, Attendance of students in every lecture will increase & At least one back bencher from each class who used to play PUbg will now start preparing for IAS.

Ippudu chupista na pratapam:

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9. Amma, Ludo aadadama?

Me after 1 week of ‘No-PUBg’:

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