7 times PSPK proved the songs in his movies punch a strong message!

Pawan Kalyan’s flicks rarely lack a song that sports a message. Let’s take a look on a few of them.

1. I am Indian (Badri)

It all started with this. The first of the lot to come, this one is a true trend setter.

2. Ye mera Jaha (Kushi)

Pata vachchi padellayindi. Inka Power taggaledu. The energy Pawan portrays in this song is peerless.

3. Le Le Le Le (Gudumba Shankar)

‘Cheddolaki chedu cheyyatame manchi’. Can’t agree more.

4. Naaraju Gakura Ma Annaya (Johnny)

The movie may have turned a dud. But this song truly stood out in conveying a strong message.

5. Chalore Chalore Chal (Jalsa)

If only this was understood by the “Good and Bad” battling in the Jungles!!


6. Maaralantey Lokam (Komaram Puli)

Be the Change you want to be in this world.’ Enough Said.

7. Inthe Inthinthe (Balu ABCDEFG)

The way of life forms the crux of this song. Pawan Kalyan is the master of messages.

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