Films Of 2018 We Should Be Proud That They’re Made In Telugu


2018 was a great year for Telugu cinema. We’ve watched quite a few good movies this year. There are films that started out as small films, but became huge (some content wise, some box office wise) after the release. There are certainly some films that we should be really proud (Some attempt-wise, some success-wise) that they’re made in Telugu, have a look:


1. Mahanati

Mahanati is not only one of the best Telugu films we’ve seen this year, but also one of the finest biopics ever made in South India. To be able to achieve so much with such huge cast ensemble is a rare feat indeed.

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2. C/o Kancharapalem

A gem of a film that should be remembered for a long time, for its brilliance. If you haven’t watched it, what are you even doing..

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3. Goodachari

So much has been achieved within a budget of around 6 crores. The visuals, music, actors, locations everything fits just right in.

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4. Awe

This year we’ve also seen Star heroes backing up young talents, and their projects. One such film is Awe, Produced by Nani.

5. Antariksham

This man Sankalp Reddy thinks out of the world, after his first movie The Ghazi Attack, set under water, this time he made a movie set in space. This surely is a small size achievement for the industry.

6. Manu

Irrespective of the result, Manu is the biggest crowd-funded film in Telugu. So many people trusted in their talent and invested their money. This opens a path for so many budding filmmakers.

7. Rangasthalam

A films that redefined ‘Commercial Cinema’ in Telugu. Enough said.

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Which Telugu film are you most proud of this year? Do let us know in the comments below.


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