Here’s All You Need To Know About The Ongoing Protest By Students In Kukatpally’s JNTU!


“Engineers Are The Backbone Of Our Country”
If engineering in India can be described in one single sentence this would be it. We, engineers, are a crazy bunch of people who live a jugaad life from time to time and one fine day hope to make this world a better place to live, just like how we have been doing things from times unknown.

But, now the same engineering students are walking down the streets of “JNTU-H Kukatpally” chanting slogans and hurling words against the authorities of their college, escaping the wrath of Police officials. On 28th July 10 AM a large gathering of students belonging to the engineering streams assembled in front of the JNTU-H gate to fight against the unruly and inefficient way of evaluations in examinations. This has been a daily routine for these students from past 4-5 days.

What Happened? Allegedly, 15000 students belonging to various engineering streams are being detained this semester alone and this has irked the students. After questioning the authorities on this unique grading system of theirs students have made several requests to reconsider their approach on exam evaluation. While the authorities are fixated to the current grading systems, they have been mentioning about the rules and regulations which were specified to the students before admission itself. Also, Students who have studied Diploma or other courses can join engineering courses directly from 2nd year. By which they only have 1 semester to show the required credits. Hence students from JNTU and JNTU affiliated colleges face this kind of problems. Many of these lateral students are now unable to proceed to next academic year because of lesser credits and are on the verge of losing a whole academic year.


The Problem: The JNTU system clearly states that for the student to proceed to next year, must be having the required number of credits as mentioned in the rules and regulations. In this case, the students of 2nd year must have a minimum of 24 credits out of the total 48 credits including the 1st year 1st semester, 2nd semester to advance into 2nd year 1st semester. But after recently conducted exams University has denied conducting any advance supplementary.

The Academic regulations stated by JNTU


The Result: And again, the problem of credit system has again sprung up from the past. Previously several protests regarding the same problem happened in JNTU about conducting the advance supplementary which was later conducted finally, but even this year students have been requesting the management to conduct these exams again but after repeated denial from authorities, they have now resorted to agitation to clear their problem.

The students are demanding to reconsider the grading point system or at least conduct the advanced supplementary exams we sincerely hope that peace is restored in campus and students are relieved of this jeopardy.


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