To All The Boys Who Are Crushing On Gangleader’s Priyanka Mohan..


If you’re a guy who’s watched Nani’s Gangleader & If you aren’t Vennela Kishore.. Welcome to this article where we’ll (Both you & me) crush on Priyanka Mohan with full heart..


First of all !! How can someone be so pretty ! It’s not allowed to be this pretty and cute at the same time !


NO! Intha cuteness okesari is not allowed. Theatre lo boys ki emanna aithe who’s the responsibility, I say !


How can someone do both!



And this !!


Also, Priya watches Quentin Tarantino films, guys! Do any of your female friends watch Tarantino films ?


This is a special shot! Remember guys ? This is the first time Pencil sees her.


Same Nani Anna,


Naadhi kuda SAAAME feeling, SAME reaction.




Whatever she said, Sounded so cute in the movie.


Meanwhile Me, in the theatre to whatever she’s saying:

Yeaah, yeahh.. Same. I agree.


Hmmmmm, OK guys. This is all fiction. Nani is married in real life. While she’s not. Y’all still stand a chance.


She’s probably waiting for the right guy in her life, guys!




GLOWING LIKE A 1000WT BULB THROUGH OUT THE FILM!! Priyanka, If you’re reading this.. Please share skin-care tips, Please.


This is a meme guys, Nani’s expression indicates all of our cumulative expressions.


Me, falling for Priyanka:


Priyanka reminding me the reality.


Priyanka: Ela Unna ?


Me: *loses mind*


Priyanka: *smiles on the inside.*


‘Mari intha cute ga unte ela ra babu.’


For all the loyal fans who’ve scrolled till the end, Here’s her official Instagram handle:


We hope Vikram K Kumar finds more and more beautiful ‘Priyas’ in the world. And just in case, If you don’t know, All the heroine names in his films is films is Priya.

And Priyanka Mohan, If you’re reading this, I.. I mean, We love you!


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