13 Telugu Melodies That Are Not From Movies But Are Loved More Than Anything


Manalo chala mandhi music lovers untaru. Oka pata nachindhi ante danni loop lo vini, vini inka dani meedha virakthi kuda vachese stage ki velpotham. So, basically manaki songs ante bedhalu undavu. Song bavunte language edhaina, ey cinema aina, short film song aina, private song aina sarey vinestham. So alanti music lovers kosame, non feature film songs oka chinna collection chesam. Take a look..

Non feature film songs anagane, mana mind loki vache first list of songs Gunna gunna mamidi, Pillo o mouniko, Kalla jodu college papa. Ilanti mass party beats kakunda melodies theeskodam jarigindhi. The songs which we generally tend to hear while we are in a peaceful mood annamata.



1. Anitha o anitha

Ee song ki unna craze gurinchi seperate ga cheppakkarledhu. Undoubtedly One of the best private songs of telugu.


2. Madhuram

Oka short-film ni classic ani antunnam ante adhi entha pedda hit o manam ardham cheskovachu. One of the main reasons for such huge success of madhuram is its music and this song.


3. Neeve

This song is sung by yasin nizar and it is a huge hit not only in Telugu but also in Tamil & Kannada.


4. Aditi

A project featuring the cute couple Nandu and Geetha Madhuri. This melody is sung by Geetha madhuri and the lyrics are simply beautiful.


5. Endhuke

Rahul Sipligunj’s best melody song. It is with this song, he made a statement that he is something more than just a playback singer.


6. Miss you ani

A song from Baloo spicy. An instant addiction that you will hum for sure after listening to.


7. Em maayalo

Another gem from Rahul sipligunj. Not just the song is beautiful but also the visuals shot in goa are absolutely perfect.


8. Pelli pusthakam

Traditional and a simple melody which will hit on your feels for sure.


9. Neevalane – prayanam SF

Many doesn’t know about this song but it is worth a listen. The actors pulled off the roles very well.


10. Edo maayalaa

The song about a girl falling at the back of a guy. A cute song and the expressions of the female lead make the song more beautiful.


11. Idhemite

The latest song from tej insiders. Apart from the beautiful music, the graceful dance is worth a mention.


We also have two of our songs in the list from Karthik roadriguez.


12. Neethone – Nenu mee kalyan


13. Mounanni okasari – 703

If you have other favourite non feature film songs, please comment…


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