Prime lo “Me” poyindi And All Other Brands Are Screa”me”ing It

Contributed By Jayamadhuri Dandu

Ee nagaraniki emaindi laga ee prime video ki emaindi? Not sure if y’all have noticed this Why is ‘ME’ missing in ‘PRIME’ from the profile photo and bio? Okay still we didn’t find any answer from their side. Ila kuda marketing cheyochu ani pedha example tho ichi padesaru. Because top companies koni deeni meedha react aythe inkonni vati brand name lo unde ‘Me’ ni tesesi as it is prime video ni follow ayayi.

Why #whereisME is trending? Not only from logo, they removed ‘ME’ from bio also.

Meanwhile ‘Me’ be like: Kya karu mei marjau..mero ke feeling nahi, thumari feeling thumari!!

Meanwhile IND Vs AUS match be like:

Lol memes like: #ME TOO 2.0

Meanwhile telugu people like- Em nadusthundi? #Whereis ME nadusthundi.

Let’s see top companies reaction on this trend!!



Parle G:


The Souled store:





Is ‘ME’ is installing signal? ‘ME’ is busy watching prime video? ‘ME’ is coming with a new web series?

Amazon prime video hasn’t made this big reveal yet, But #WhereisME has surely created a stir on internet and turned out into smart marketing moment. Comment your reaction on behalf of ‘ME’ and let’s wait for Amazon announcement.

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