Meet Pramod Bhagat, The 4 Times World Para-Badminton Champion Who Got Home Gold In Paralympics This Year

What a Golden Day.. It’s 2nd GOLD for the day, Pramod Bhagat wins Gold in Badminton… Gifts India it’s 4th Gold Medal of the Tokyo Paralympics.

Badminton Men’s Singles SL3 category lo ivala manaki two medals vachai, Pramod Bhagat Gold win aythe Manoj Sarkar same SL3 category lo Bronze win ayaru, veetitho India ki Tokyo Paralympics lo ippati varaku 17 medals vachai (4 Gold, 7 Silver and 6 Bronze).

Its again, Two Indians on the podium, but it is something more special that we won both the Gold and Bronze in the same SL3 category..

Stadium lo mana National Anthem vintu Podium lo mana Indians idharni chusthunte ah kick eh veraappaaa..!

Complete Domination.

Mana Badminton champion Pramod Bhagat history create chesadu, he became the first Indian ever to win a badminton gold at the Paralympics. Finals lo Great Britain’s Daniel Bethell ni 21-14, 21-17 points tho odinchi grand ga win ayadu, starting lo koncham thadabadina tharvatha comeback ichi complete domination tho war one side chesesadu..

Polio effected his life.

Pramod Bhagat was born on 4th June 1988 in Attabira, Bargarh district in Odisha. Thanaki 5 years unnapudu thana left leg ki polio effect ayindi, kani Bhagat mathram full active ga annitlo participate chese vadu, ala thanaki 13 years unnapudu anukokunda oka badminton match chusadu, game nachadam tho friends tho roju practice chesthu footwork and fitness tho normal people tho adi matches ni win ayevadu, tharvatha confidence tho game medha unna passion and parents – the late Kailash Bhagat garu and Kusum Devi garu support tho professional Para-Badminton loki enter ayaru..

Pramod Bhagat said to a report that.. ” Nenu chinnapudu cricket kuda bhaga adevadni, opening batsman ni kuda but melliga badminton medha inka ekkuva istam vachindi, andharu evening TV chusthu enjoy chesthunte nenu ground ki velli badminton chuse vadni, starting lo nannu evaru encourage chese vallu kadhu, but tharvatha naa game ni chusi impress ayi naku chance icharu, disabled ayina kuda normal vallapaina win ayi district champion ayanu.. That’s how I decided to play it professionally.”

Legend for a Reason, Other Achievements.

1. Ranked as the World No.1 Para-Badminton player in the SL3 category.

2. Won 2 gold medals in the singles and mixed doubles events and 1 silver medal at the men’s doubles event of the IWAS World Games 2019.

3. Won Gold and silver medals in singles and doubles events of Australia Para-Badminton International Tournament 2018.

4.Won both Gold and bronze medals in singles and doubles events of the Asian Para Games 2018. Gold in the men’s singles event of the Thailand Para-Badminton International Tournament 2018.

5. Won Bronze medals in singles and doubles events of Asian Para-Badminton Championship 2016.

6. Gold and silver medals in singles and doubles events of BWF Para-Badminton World Championship 2015.

7. Bronze in the singles event of the Asian Para Games in 2014.

8. Gold medal in the singles event of the IBAD Seven Luck World Championship 2009.

9. Silver and gold medals in singles and doubles events of the Asian Para Games 2009.

10. Gold medals in singles and doubles events of RYLA International Challenger Tournament 2007.

Bhagat after winning the medal said to a report that.. “It was a great game against Fujihara, he pushed me with some great shots. But I had a plan and I executed it very well. I am happy I have reached my maiden Paralympic finals but the work is not done yet,

Chance to add a one more medal.

This is the first time that badminton is being played at the Paralympics. Bhagat will have a chance to add to his medal tally again on Sunday, when he pairs up with Palak Kohli in the mixed doubles SL3-SU5 bronze medal match against Japan.

From 11-4 down to winning the second game and eventually winning the match, you showed everyone why you are the best in the world. Congratulations Pramod Bhagat. India is super proud of you champ. An outstanding effort to win gold in straight sets. Repu kuda idhe form tho mixed doubles lo ichi padeyali ani korukuntunnam.. Congrats and All The Best Champ.

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