Prabhas Adopts 1650 Acres Of Forest Land & Here’s Everything About It


Green India Challenge ani mana MP Santosh Kumar garu initiative tho celebrities nunchi common man dhaka andharu nominate cheskuntu chetlu peduthunnaru. Really a good initiative by our leader.


But mana Bahubali edhi chesina solid specialty tho untadi kabati ee manchi initiative lo kuda manodu sahore anesadu…


Okati rendu chetlani em pedadham anukunnado ento ekanga forest ne adopt cheskunnadu.. Yes, Prabhas has decided to adopt 1650 acres of Khazipally Reserve Forest land located Near Dundigal area.



Dundigal area dhagara unna Khazipally forest around 1650 acres ni Prabhas adopt cheskuni dhani Urban Forest Park laga cheyabothunnaru. Dhini kosam monna Monday roju Prabhas and Forest minister Indrakaran Reddy and Rajya Sabha MP Santosh Kumar garu laid the foundation stone.


Prabhas handed over Rs. 2 crore to forest officials.

Prabhas to take up the responsibility of developing Khajipally Reserve Forest. Forest officials ki Rs. 2 crore ichi akkada jaragalsina development kuda antha set cheyandi ani request chesadu.


Forest department is going to convert a small portion of the forest into an urban forest park, while the rest of the forest is going to be a conservation zone. Khazipally reserve forest is known for its medicinal plants and it’s extended in three compartments.


1. The forest department is going to fence the entire 1650 acres and immediately start developing eco park.

2. Constructing park gate, see-through wall, walking track, viewpoint, Gazebo, medicinal plant centre would be constructed in the first phase.

3. All the steps to prevent encroachment of forest land are also being taken up by the Forest Department.


This forest will turn into an Urban Eco Park, that will be named after his father Shri UVS Raju garu.

Mana Bahubali ni appreciate chesthu ee forest ni Urban eco park ga convert chesi dhiniki Prabhas valla father peru ni pedtham ani MP Santosh kumaru garu annaru.


Prabhas told that his participation to help society through “Green Challenge” and adopting reserve forest land has given him immense satisfaction and would donate more in instalments, depending on the progress of the work. He also thanked MP Santosh Kumar garu, Government of Telangana Forest Minister and forest officials.



Inka motham ah forest ni over view chudalante ee video chuseyandi..



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