This Is What Brahmamgaru, The Indian Nostradamus, Predicted For The End Of Days!

Once upon a time, a great fortune teller, a fore-seer, a future predictor was born in the Kadapa District. You all must’ve heard of Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami, mostly as Brahmamgaru. If you haven’t then he’s a fore-teller of the 17th century. He is remembered like this:
Chai Bisket Brahmam garu
…actually more like this!
Chai Bisket PVS
He was known to be an incredible Kalagyani and soon acquired numerous devotees. Now his prophecies turned out to be so accurate that he has been deemed the Nostradamus of India.
Some of these predictions were meant to indicate the end of the world, and they were ridiculously amusing if not anything else. Take a look!
1. River Krishna will overflow and touch the nose-ring of Goddess Kanakadurga on Indrakeeladri.
Chai Bisket Durga
Source: Kanakadurgatemple
2. Yaganti nandi will come to life and rave.

Chai Bisket Yaganti
It is said to be growing in size over the ages.
Source: nandyalonline
3. 12-year-old kids will become grandmothers.

Chai Bisket grandmom
Seems like we’re half-way there!
4. The Iron Pillar at Ahobilam will bear Jasmine Flowers.

Chai Bisket Ahobilam
Ugra Sthambam Peak at Ahobilam
5. Sun will appear in the form of a man in the sky.
Chai Bisket Sun  god
Source: samantharoberts253
6. There will be no water in River Ganga for 40 days.
Chai Bisket Ganga
Ganga river at Uttarkashi
Image Source: peasantautonomy
7. Cloned men nine feet high will fight wars.

Chai Bisket Robots
Military Robots?
Source: conceptrobots
8. Pig will give birth to an elephant.

Chai Bisket Pig
Chai Bisket Elephant baby
Seems like this has already happened!
9. Millions of horses will come from the caves of Yaganti, to follow Kalki.
Chai Bisket Kalki
Source: deviantart
10. A 3-Year-Old child will predict the future.

Chai Bisket Pothuluri
This is just a screenshot out of a movie, that kid isnt actually predicting the future.
11. Neem Trees will ooze milk.

Chai Bisket Neem
Called it!
12. Humans will have to use ladders to climb a Niruri plant.

Chai Bisket Niruri

This is Niruri and it grows upto 90 cms tall.
13. The Tirumala temple will be closed down for 3 days before The End.
Chai Bisket Tirumala
Did you hear these stories too? Did you hear any others? We’d love to know!

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