A Bunch Of Youth Got Together & Fixed 200 Dangerous Potholes & Proved Nothing Is Impossible


We live in a progressive world. We’ve been recognizing the problems around us, and been discovering solutions to them for years now. But there is one specific problem, that remains unsolved, that is ‘PotHoles’. Every now and then we see in newspapers and on TV that, someone has died, someone is struck. But we fail to do anything effective about it. But a bunch of people got together and decided ‘We Can Make A Change‘ (yes, that is their NGO name too) and formed a team.


200 Potholes:

Karthik, who’s originally from Sirisilli, used to work in Bangalore. He observed the same problem (Potholes) there too. So asked few of his friends there to help, fix and cover the holes, but none of them showed any interest. And since he realized that Bangalore is a new place to him, and very much unknown, he moved to Hyderabad after some time, and met his friends Vishal, Vihaal, Nagaraju and started fixing potholes across the city.


What started off with 4 people is now a home for 50 employees. The team consists of various kinds of people like Advocates, Software engineers, and students. On every Saturday at 6 in the morning, they all meet on roads with no traffic and start fixing the potholes on their own. And they’ve been doing it for the past 11 months and have fixed more than 200 potholes.


Bustand Modification:

Not just potholes. They have also cleaned and fixed many bus stops across the city. Becuase, a lot of people find it difficult to wait in some bus stops that have bad facilities and do not have washrooms. So they again got together and tried to do as much as they could. Till now they’ve cleaned more than 10 bus stops.


KTR Sir’s Appreciation

Minister KTR also personally met ‘We Can Make A Change’ organization’s team and appreciated them for building ‘Angan Wadi Centres’ by spending 1.10 lakhs. Not just KTR. Collecter Krishna Bhasker also got inspired and adopted 10 government school kids after observing the work of this NGO.


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