How To Start Pot Gardening At Home: Simple & Effective Ways For Home Gardening


Gardening antey andaru venakadugu veyadaniki main reason place ledu ani, but minimal place unna kuda gardening start cheyachu, Pot gardening is one of the best ways to grow plants. Kastapadi farming cheyakapoyina manaku kavalsina vegetables or leafy vegetables grow easy ga grow cheskivachu. Simple teps lo start cheyalantey


Pot selection :

Reusing the Plastic is the best way and Budget friendly, Old water canes, old buckets or paint tins or tough and stiff bags, old wooden boxes ivani use cheskovachu. Drain hole must, so that excess water easy ga drain avthundi.


Soil selection :

If Planning for growing vegetables, soil should be moist and loose, apudey roots ki growing space untundi. Mixture of Soil, sand and manure is best for pot gardening.


Plant Selection :

Few vegetables and Leafy vegetables are easy to grow, like tomatoes, ladys finger, brinjal, chillies and leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander, amranthus, Mint etc are easy to grow and maintain.


Place Selection :

Atleast 6 hours sunglight vachey place and good air circulation. Mostly balconies and verandah are the best place.


Best time for Watering :

Early morning or around evening are the best times to water, heat valla water evaporation ni avoid cheyachu water save avthundu.


Natural Manure :

Kitchen waste is best and enough as organic fertilizer. Oka bucket lo plastic cover lo soil and kitchen waste tgo fill chesthu oka 2-3 months lo we can have our own Black gold soil.


Natural Pesticides :

By Spraying Neem oil, salt, onion & garlic mix can avoid insects and good for plants also.


Growing your Own food is like Printing own money, eh line simple ga unna it comes with more budget friendly and health benifits.


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