10 Overcrowded Tourist Places Vs Their Offbeat, Beautiful Alternatives


Instagram, facebook vachaka travel photos ki reality ki dooram perigipoyindi. Marketing makes all the difference. A few places are overhyped, a few hidden gems are unknown to many of us. Popular places lo obvious ga tourists ekkuva vuntaru and slowly commercialisation takes over authenticity, Staged culture takes over real cultural experiences, standard itineraries takes over exploring the place in your own way. Alage konni popular places ki vellaka “intena? Inekm leda?” ane feeling kuda chalaaa sarlu vastundi.

So this post is all about Popular tourist destinations Vs nearby/similar offbeat places.

Popular vs offbeat

Bali vs Raja Amapat

Social media valla Bali ki vaccina popularity telisinde. No doubt it’s a beautiful destination. It also deserves all the hype. But it’s also suffering from over tourism. Okka perfect swing photo teskodaniki oka one hour queue lo ninchovali ante nammutara? But that is Bali reality. East Indonesia lo inko special and offbeat place vundi. Adi mana planet lone most biodiverse marine ecosystem ga chepukuntaru. Its often referred as Amazon of the underwater…..more than 1400 spices of fish call this place a home. The turquoise waters, coral reefs, views from the cliffs are beyond imagination.


Alleppey Vs Palakkad

Chinnapatnundi Alleppey grinch vintune vunnam. Cinemallo kuda chala sarlu choosam. Kerala anagane chala manlike]I first gurthoche image Ade – Alleppy backwaters and a house boat. I guess it time to change those images and experience something more. If you are looking for culturally more intimidating experiences and experience the real Kerala without commercial elements to it then Palakkad is your go-to place.

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Venice Vs Verona

I guess Venice is the most popular destination in the world. But again it’s too commercial. Ekkadiki velina edoti promote cheyadaniko, ammadaiko choostaru. Vala culture gurinchi kani, people gurinchi kani telusukodam chala kashtam. Baga popular destination kabbati, locals ki akkada vundadam chala expensive so hotels, commercial restaurants, guest houses tappa local vunde areas chala rare.
Just 15 hours from Venice Verona, though its popular to a niche of tourists it still has the cultural aspect intact. The romeo juliets story comes alive at their house, the traditional local food Gnocchi and Bigoli welcome all visitors alike and the open air theatres are not to be missed.


Greek islands vs Turkey’s Aegean coast

No not talking about the Trojan war.

The greek islands of Santorini, Mykoons and other heavenly islands are known for the thier white washed stone buildings, blue waters and food gastronomy.
So what if i say there is a similar place right across the sea in a different country and continent, gives a similar experience and ambience but very economic? Game for it? Then go to Alacati or Cesme on Turkey’s Aegean coast.


Switzerland Vs Slovenia

Swizz gurinchi kotaga chepakarledu kabati Slovenia gurinchi chepta. It’s less than half the size of Switzerland but it has the most beautiful snow capped alps, serene lakes, rich architecture, friendly locals and is cheap when compared to other european countries. This central european beauty has less tourists and is waiting to be explored.


Bangkok Vs Chiang Mai

Thailand is a popular destination in Asia, just 3 -4 hour’s flight from India and an easy visa on arrival. Mana Telugu cinemalaki Thailand ki especially Bangkok ki oka vidatheyaleni bandham vundi :p But this country is beyond the imagination when it comes to other less known provinces.
Chiang mai is a northern Province of Thailand that has years of long history dating back to the 12th century yet the name literally translates to ‘’new city’’. Its cultural hub, a laid back town with rich nature and friendly locals and is a paradise for trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Himachal Vs Sikkim

Mana generation lo Himachal ni soul searching to baga relate chesukuntam. Himachal is heaven for a lot of reasons which I need not tell. Again so many places in Himachal are suffering from over tourism, the urban areas are running out of water, the snow filled passes are turning black because of too many vehicles, so let give a break to mainstream Himachal for it to rejuvenate and visit offbeat sikkim. North Sikkim, Pelling, Dzongu valley are all beautiful places amidst the Himalayas with breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga.


Mauritius vs Philippines

Though both the countries puts a crustal blue filter on our eyes, Mauritius is one of the most visited countries by Indians. Philippines on the other hand has a lot of undiscovered islands, secluded beaches and untold cultural stories. It has caves straight from fairytales, nature trails to cliffs, camping experiences, breathtaking waterfalls, wildlife, forests and best beaches in the world according to many travel bloggers!


Keukenhof festival Vs Real Tulip fields

E place gurinchi taluchukuntene ala ala kalaloki velpotunta. It’s my dream come true moment visiting the South Netherlands. Every movie buff will relate to this place for many bollywood, tollywood songs are shot here.
Keukenhof is a spring festival which is a very very popular tourist destination. Thousands of varieties of flowers are here for display, the rows of colourful flowers and well manicured plants are impressive but it all feels artificial after a point. Instead ditch buying a ticket to the festival…rent a bike and cycle around the villages where you will often come across endless Tulip and bulb fields. I don’t know what else is called Magic!

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