Here’s The Extraordinary Government School That Offers A Better Quality Of Education Than Private Schools!


While the government schools situation is draining day by day, this school from Pondhuru which is just 25kms away from Srikakulam Town is setting new standards by its truly beneficial reforms.

This school is gradually growing every year. Nearly 1200 pupils are studying here with the support of 48 teachers. Interesting thing is no other school has these many teachers in the entire district. The teachers in this school are so involved with students that they hardly take any leaves. They spend time with students to clarify their doubts even after school hours. For the better results teachers conduct Special classes in summer and Dasara holidays too.

This is all because of Headmaster, Edula Govinda Rao, who is the man behind the transformation of the school. When he was relocated to this school, it was completely in shambles. The teachers here were fighting among themselves and local politicians had to intervene to settle it. However with his extraordinary efforts in the past five years, he has brought remarkable changes in the situation of this school. Few years ago, only 52% of students were able to clear the exams, but now this percentage has risen to 98% in recent examinations.

Ch. Sunitha, the Telugu teacher here has not taken a single casual leave in the last decade! She was recently given Daneti Ramarao Award of Excellence, which is normally given for State-level achievements. Mr. Krishnamurthy, the biology teacher has recently received the Best Teacher Award. Mr. Govinda Rao was given a special award along with district officials though the teachers’ award category fell in a different category.

With the motivation of teachers, school children spend their leisure time in gardening and they have planted nearly 500 saplings. This school has even impressed the union mister M.Venkaiah Naidu. Our country needs more schools like these rather than the corporate schools which burn holes in the pockets of people.


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