9 Crazy Things That Every ‘Polytechnic’ Student Will Relate His Heart Out To


General ga 10th Standard ayaka most people choose Intermediate, okavela manaku istam lekapoina Narayana, Sri Chaitanya vallu mana intloki vachi mari influence chestharu…kani kondharu, unna options nachakano or technology midha interest thono or asalu em cheyalno ardham kani stage lo Polytechnic chestharu..So ippatiki meeku ardham aye untadi vishayam ento, meeru okavela diploma chesi unte, ee article mi kosame

16 years ke Drafter?
How many of you carried a drafter at the age of 16? Asalu Drafter meaning ye theliyani age lo dhani 450rs tho koni oka blue cover bag lo nunchi edho podichesinattu thesedi. Ah time lo adhi manaki oka weapon la kanipinchedi. Drawings anthala vesindi ledhu chesindi ledhu kani Drafter mathram jagrathaga dhachipettukoni vallam.


Technical labs la hadavidi:
How many of you dealed with technical labs very after completion of your 10th standard? Diploma lo sagam mandiki chadive technology midha future scope theliyakundane subjects chadhivestham…You should appreciate our dare I say. Technology koncham theliyangane motham Engineering midha grip vachinanattu feel ayedhi.


Diploma Branches gola:
Asalu Polytechnic lo enni branch lu untayo.. avi ento thelikundane join ayi potham, konni vatiki aythe full forms kuda thelisevi kadhu. Flow lo ye college padithe adhi, ye branch vasthe ah branch annatu undedi…ah rojulooo alaa undedi mari dedication.

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Mixed subjects…asalu em chadhuvuthunnamo:
Vere valla subjects kuda chadavadam, prathi semester lo valla core subjects tho paatu vere branch subjects ni kuda chadhavali, ante basic subjects ye anukondi but different core technology kabati koncham kastame. Em chedham Curriculum ala thagaladindhi mari.

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Lab lo Mana work Execution:
That proud moment when we execute our program in our Labs. EEE vallaki wirings ani, Mechanical vallaki machines ani, civil vallaki survey ani…chalane untai programs and schedules, polytechnic antane compared to theoretical, Practical Knowledge ekuva untadi.

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Experiencing semester exams:
Engineering ki mundhe memu semester exams face chesam, Prathi year ki 2 semesters and Mid year lo Exams. Vati kosam memu appude nighouts and one day battings chese vallam , So ivvani memu mundhe chusam kabatti maku antha tension undadhu Btech lo, Time management lo madhe upper hand annamata.

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Attendance Problems:
Appati varaku 10th lo must and should attendance lantivi em undav kabati happy ga ayipogottesam, kani the very next Diploma lo we face a lot of problems in attendance. Daily first hours absent ye undadhe, but last ki mathram attendance motham predict chesi cover chese vallam.

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Tricky and Funny semister- Industrial Training
That proud moment when we do our industrial Training, 2 years college, classes and attendance antu vesigi poina students ki oka pedha relief ane chepali. We face a different atmosphere of work culture over there, Maa Diploma life motham class lo kanna mem ekkuvuga nerchunedi ee industrial training lo ne. Work ni dhagara nunchi nerchukone possibility untadi, The best part of Polytechnic.

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Communication gurinchi thelidhu kani Technology and Core knowledge lo aythe they will give their best. I personally observed that Engineering lo Lateral Entry vallaki class lo ekuvuga mingle karu, Initially most of them are in insecure mind set…already unna class lo 2nd year lo ela vellali ani, kondharu chala easy ga mingle ayi vallatho kalisipoi enjoy chestharu class lo and andharu okela undaru kabatti some take time to mingle.
So, Diploma chesthunna vallu chesina vallu, mi diploma life ni rewind cheskoni mi friends ni tag chesi kindha comments section lo mi experience ni share cheyandi.

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