Calling All Pokemon Fans! Join In For The Pokemon GO Hyderabad Walk!

(article by Krish)
Pokemon was probably the biggest addiction we all had as kids. Not a day went by when we didn’t rush back home in a hurry to catch the latest episodes of Ash, Misty and Brock’s adventures. Ardent cartoon lovers look back on the series with fond nostalgia. We miss it to no end.

Nintendo’s latest offering has brought back our fondest childhood memory to our smartphones. Pokemon Go, is a virtual reality application that turns your smartphone into a Pokedex that you can use to catch Pokemon. The Pokemon are spread out all over your city and you will need to step out into the ‘Battlefield’ to catch enough Pokemon. The world is freaking out over this awesome game, as wannabe explorers are hitting the streets to catch elusive Pokemon.

The game hasn’t yet been launched officially in India. However, several android users have found a way to still be able to play the game. Most users have downloaded an APK that lets them install and play the game in India. To top it all, several Pokemon fanatics are trying to launch an inaugural Pokemon walk in KBR park, Hyderabad on Saturday, the 23rd of July. The walk starts at 10AM and is scheduled to go on until 2PM. Avid Pokemon explorers will now be able to group up and enter the battlefield as teams. Are you ready to catch them all?!

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