Here Is The Important Points About Corona By The Chairman Of The Biggest Gastroenterology Hospital


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Corona gurinchi, quarantine gurinchi isolation gurinchi manam roju chaala myths, rumors, forwards chusthune unnaam. But veeti gurinchi oka authentic knowledge gain cheskovalsina avasaram undi. So, The biggest gastroenterology(the branch of medicine which deals with disorders of the stomach and intestines) hospital ki chairman ayina Dr. D. Nageshwara Reddy garu konni important points chepparu. Here are those..


History of covid 19

Generally covid 19 RNA based virus RNA Ki ekkuva mutation rate untundi this is what made it deadly for human race. Actually Bats nundi Wuhan sea market lo unna Chinese people ki infect ayindi akkada nundi wuhan city ki spread ayindi. This is the most acceptable hypothesis among all.

India strain of covid19 has one beneficial mutation which is helping to reduce the spread to others while italy and france strains has 3 mutations which are more harmful than wuhan strain so no need to panic.


Symptoms of covid 19

Fever,Dry cough,sore throat,Difficulty in breathing are some symptoms but newly loss of taste and loss of sense to smell kothaga kontha mandiki ee symptoms kuda unnay.

Except people who are suffering from multiple diseases majority can easily recover from this.

Malaria zone lo covid19 spread ledhu annadi fictional andi so dont believe this.


Source of infection

Generally idi large droplets vallane spread avtundi so 1metre socail distancing is enough to avoid this in public. Evarina mana medha tummina daggina kuda transmission chance untundi but idi air lo ekkuva sepu travel cheyaledu so 1m distance is enough to keep safe

It is not spread by air ee study chesinapudu certain temperature ante 22 degrees dagara certain humidity lo air lo 2 hours unatu cheparu but this is not possible as environment is not same everywhere.

It is not spread by mosquito bites.

Covid 19 has high infectivity rate oka person 3 persons ki atinchagalaru.

It stays on Plastic and steel for 48 hours cardboard for 12 hours and on clothes 6 hours.


Importance of Physical fitness

First covid 19 smokers drinking chese people ki highly dangerous because smoking chese people ki lungs already damage ay untay so easy ga respiratory system ni affect chestundi so be careful

60 above people ki idi dangerous annadi purthiga nijam kadu physical age kante biological age chaala important 60 above undi manchi physical fitness and immune ayunte no problem.

Diet plan chaala mukhyam so manchi content of proteins vitamins D vitamin C and B complex are important to battle covid 19


Psychology aspects

Generally immune system effectively pani cheyalante manam happyga undali so be happy and avoid child abuse and domestic violence and dont worry covid 19 is just other normal virus anthe

Medical support

Ippati varaku anti viral drug ledu and malaria anti viral drug covid19 ki use avvadu as both have different mechanisms.

Hcq and azitromycin is being used all over world that too with different combinations

Vaccine ravadaniki inka 12 months avtundi already clinical trails lo undi china Us lo so expecting to get vaccine by next year

Hcq teesukuna vaala medha already research chestunaru to see whether it is effective or not


Some other points
Be positive because your immunity system needs you to be happy and peaceful to fight against any foreign body.

Maintain a healthy diet avoid smoking and drinking do regular exercises stay fit and healthy.


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