This Poem About Why We Should Always Care For Our Parents Is Absolutely Spot On!


Contributed By Prudhvi Raj Kuncha


“Whom did you see first, soon after getting on to the Earth?”

“Whom did you imitate to speak out your first word?”

“Who supported you in your first fall?”

“Who made your ankles strong enough to stand again?”

“Who fed you for the first time?”

“Who cared of your hunger even before you had expressed it?”

“Who taught you the best moral as a sweet bed time story?”

“Who loved you the most as very you?”

“Who trusted you when nobody had?”

“Who warned you of all the odds?”

“Who invested on futile you to make fruitful?”

“Who made you to be loved so much by some one?”

“Who built you as yourself that you are today?”

“Have you ever asked them why?”

“Ask yourself. What for them to do these for you?”

“Do they expect anything better in return?”

“Will it be a business then?”

No. It’s just love.


They were in love with you since the day they got you.

So… just think of them.

Care at least when they express their illness.

Support them at least when their walking stick slips off.

Invest some priceless time to bear them till their final breath. Because

they may not be able to breath further even if you are interested.

Leaving them in an old age home after seventies is the same as

leaving you in an orphanage before you are ten.

Did they do that to you?


If ‘No’, you too don’t. Else it may be a sin.

Be the reason for their smile and hence be a reasonable human.


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