Premenstrual Syndrome: Things Women Go Through A Few Days Ahead Of Their Period

Premenstrual syndrome, something every woman experiences a few days ahead of her period. When there are 100 things and millions of emotions running inside you. Aina ippatiki chala mandhi PMS is a myth, ala emi undadhu ani antu untaru. Let me burst that bubble for you, cuties. PMS is pretty much there. While millions of mood swings and changes happen when a woman is PMSing, here are a few that we’ve found commonly in most women.

The bloating

Correct ga period ochey oka 4 5 days mundhu nunchi, manaki baaga potta ochesindhi ra baabu ani anipisthu untadhi. Mana abdomen baaga heavy unna feeling and also feels very swollen 2 3 days before your period.

The irresistible crying and anthu pattani kopam

Prati chinna vaatiki takkumani edupu raavadam, evaraina okka maata anna kuda, baaga feel aipovadam, alagadam, koppadadam and again edavadam. Cut chesthey 2 3 days tarvata mana period HIIII cheppinappudu ardham avtadhi…. Ooo indukaaa naku antha edupu ostunde ani

Sleepless nights

No matter how tired your day might go, asalu nidraneee raadhu. Raatri antha edo uncomfortable feeling, kaallu baaga laagadam and we end up staying up all night. What a pain in the heart.

Noppi noppi ollantha noppi

Period cramps are anyway there. But PMS cramps too. The backache, joints pain, pain in our breasts, and so on… Why God why?!!


Intlo edhi undadho, nakaitey mostly adhe tinali anipisthadhi. But most people crave healthy food a few days before period. Like it is said, it’s different for different people.

The mood swings

Ala 10 minutes ki okko variation chupinchochu telsaa… you might be happy one minute and irritated the next minute and emotional the very next minute. Even without knowing why.

The laziness and the loss of focus

Aaa mood swings inka body ache valla, we do not feel like working or studying or doing anything productive. All we want to do is lay on the bed all day and eat and laze around. Edho oka work cheddamu ani anukunna, correct focus tho edhi cheyyalemu.

Trust me women, just as much as a productive day is important, a day of self care is equally important.

Tension, anxiety, depression enennoo

Chinna vishayalaki baaga tension padipovadam, feeling a lot anxious and sad and dull. These are some things that affect most women during the phase of time when they are PMSing. Being sad over almost everything and anything can happen.

Increase or decrease in appetite

Menstruation is a path in which every woman has her own journey. When you are PMSing, while most women want to binge eat and hog on a lot of junk, chala mandhiki aakali chachipotadhi. Even if there’s something we love on the table.


This is also one of the common symptoms of PMS. Kallu tiragadam, body lo weakness, drowsiness all of these are a part and parcel of this.

So here are 10 out of many things that women feel a few days ahead of their period. We’ve got this. Drinking lots of fluids, little exercising or yoga, a good diet would help you ease your pain a little.

We know it’s different for us all, so let us know in the comments below, what you go through when you PMS.

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