9 Things We Used To Enjoy In Childhood Without Plastic

Our Childhood memories are always connected to few things like smell and taste of cold water from Mud pot, having Goli soda from street side shops, wooden top we used to play etc., But why those are just memories now.

Few things are replaced by plastic and may be they can’t be seen in future.

How plastic changed out lives & overtook it forever: A comparison of things that plastic came and replaced:

1 . Mud Pot :

How the smell of rain is so soothing, same way in the hot summer, drinking cool water from mud pot is such experience. We can never fell the taste and smell from water canes or water bottles these days.

2 . Leaf plates :

Temple’s hot prasadam in the leaf plates (in telugu “Vistharaku”) are so tasty as it add some additional aroma and now a days those were completely replaced by paper plates with a polythene coating.

3 . Tiffin Dabba :

School days are incomplete without lunch breaks struggling to open a steel tiffin box, but now those may be memories to today kids. Those were completely replaced by low cost plastics or high costly Tupperwares.

4 . Goli Soda or Cool drinks bottles :

During childhood, do you remember drinking soda or cool drinks from plastic bottle. Now you can’t get a cool drink bottles in big theaters. Slowly plastic bottles or paper cuos replacing those glass bottles and making us drink more cool drinks than required.

5 . Milk :

Milk from milkman and curd which is home made are completely conquered by Milk and curd packets now. Good thing is few people still buy milk from milkman rather than milk packets.

6 . Food parcel :

Food parcels started using polythene covers and news papers instead of leafs, and then came the food delivery companies into the market with one time usage plastics of covers and boxes.

7 . Glass bangles :

The Sound of traditional glass bangles (Matti gajulu) we hear is pleasing and then they were replaced with plastic bangles and bands in the name of trend.

8 . Bags :

Jute bags, hemp bags and cotten bags etc were only bags used by our parents during their school days and then plastic mixed bags started. After deacdes now people started saying eco friendly bags and started using.

9 . Powder, cream, gels, shampoos, oil etc :

Coconut oil used to get from mills in tins or vessels.

Turmeric and sheekaayi still you remember those. But now the bathrooms and dressing table are full of one time use plastic tubes and plastic bottles.

“He came, he saw and Conquered” this elevation is completely apt for “Plastic”. We can’t avoid plastic, but we can reuse and recycle plastic.

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