A Short Story For All Final Year Students Who Are In Their Campus Placements Season!


Year ki undedhi Summer, Winter, Rainy Spring ani 4 seasons eh ina, final year students ki mathram oka special season untadhi adhe campus placement season.

Meeru ippudu Engineering final year (final semester) lo unnara? Meeku campus placements jaruguthnnaya? Ithe you are at the right place, meeru already place ayyina, okavela avvaka poyina have a look at this story of two best friends.

Tilak & Shyam. Vaalla perlu. Idharu kuda chinnapati nunchi best friends. Oke school, Oke College. And idharu kuda studies lo average students. Edho exam ante mundhu roju night book chesi chadhivi exam raase batch anamata. Edhi chesina idharu kalise chese vaaru. Andhuke anukoni mari okate college join avutharu.

Engineering lo kuda veella branch same. ECE. Mari 4 years ipovasthunnayi. Campus placement season start ayyindhi. As an engineer if you are reading this, meeku perfect ga thelsu, manaki campus placements ela jaruguthayo. Manam ee branch ina kuda mana branch sambhandham lekunda oka CSE/IT companies mathrame hiring ki vasthayi.

So as a student manam akkada question cheyagaligedhi emi undadhu. Mana dheggara placement money theskoni (5K to 10K depending upon college) manaki iche placement lo kuda mana choice undadhu anamata. Vaallu em company drive lo kurchopedithe adhe attend avvali. Chadhivindhi ECE (or for that matter vere eh branch ina ) attend avvalsindhi IT bulk placements(Day-1 companies) eh. Select ayyama well and good. Ledha try and try till you become old anamata.

Situation Of A Student In Campus Placement:

Prathi company student caliber ni okalaga, oka angle nunche judge cheyatam start chesthundhi. That is “Aptitude Round” adhi clear chesthe OK. But akkade clear avvakapothe inka enni companies vachina idhe paristhithi. So your aptitude has to be strong (doesn’t matter if you are interested or not). Asal farak eh padadhu, So manam em chestham, Aptitude lo bits anni bhatti pattesi drive attend ipoyi, first round clear ipothe santhosha padtham. (Ikkada notice cheyalsina vishayam entante, most people ki first round luck tho ne clear avvudhi). And first round clear avvanidhe mana talent ni present cheskune chance, at least face to face matlade chance kuda raadhu. (I think this has to be the biggest problem with the way MNC’s hire people.)

Placement Day:

Mana story lo idharu friends (Tilak & Shyam). Ilage enno companies vasthu untayi, pothu untayi, veellu enno drives attend ayyaru, but endhulonu place avvaledhu (Because, they do not know anything about CSE.)

But story lo highlight entante, sudden ga ee two friends lo Shyam oka company lo place ipothadu, for a decent amount of package, (but ela ayyadu, thanalo em talent undho kuda thanaki thelidhu). Ala bulk lo jarigina placements lo gumpu lo govindha anattu place ipothadu.

Aa tharwatha inka job lekunda migilipoyina Tilak kuda chala companies ke try chesthadu, but endhulonu job raadhu. Ilanti time lo veella mind lo thoughts ela untayo chudham:

Shyam (Placed Guy): Almost na life lo tensions anni theeripoyayi, Placement vachindhi. Ika ee year (final year) motham chill avvali, no more career and study worries.

Tilak (Jobless Guy): Ee placements anni entha try chesthunna naa valla kavatledhu ante, this is not something that my heart wants to follow. I need to find my passion, ane thought tho writing start chesthadu. He starts his own website, adhi lucky ga chala successful ithadhi.

*Final ga idhari engineering ipoyi bataki vachestharu.*

*Cut chesthe. Exactly after 6 months*

Shyam (Placed Guy):

Status: Still waiting for call letter, life lo em jaruguthundho clarity ledhu, call letter vasthadho raadho kuda telidhu.

Tilak (Jobless Guy): Status: Website ki traffic and fans day by day peruguthune unnaru.

*after 6 more months*

Shyam: Final ga call letter vasthadhi, oka routine boring (ishtam leni) job and night shifts.

Tilak: Gets hired as a creative writer for his talent by a top media firm. And is earning same amout as his friend. But enjoying his life.

Lesson learnt: Life beyond placement chaala pedhadhi. Placement is just a part of life. Never ever worry if you did not get placed in Campus placement. Find your inner calling and passion, definite ga one-day success avtharu. Cheers!

Andharu ee story lo laga writer eh avvalani ani rule em ledhu kabatti, there are lots of things in this world to try.

Prathi year entho mandhi students campus plaments lo place avtharu, anthakante ekkuve mandhi place avvaru. Chala mandhiki dheeni tharwatha rakapothe em cheyalo thelidhu. Campus Placement lo vasthey well and good. But rakapothe there is no need to be depressed, in fact you need to be happy instead. Meeku engineering tharwatha em cheyali ane choice mee chethullo untadhi. You get to decide your future. All the very best!

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