From Camera To Price, Everything About Google’s New Pixel 3 & 3XL


Yesterday , the Made By Google event took place in New York city where they’ve launched 5 new products including the most awaited Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.

Stock Android experience ni pakkana pedithe, Google pixel phones selling point daani fantastic camera, Googles astounding AI & Machine learning process use chesi almost DSLR ( can’t replace a DSLR) quality pics produce chesthundi. So, event lo ee camera features medhe ekkuva focus chesaru & Pixel 3XL The top-NOTCH phone ni kooralo karivepaku teesi padesinattu ignore chesaru. Good cover drive Google.. Lets have a look at those NEW features…


1. Look, Hardware & Processor:

Ee department lo chala minute changes chesaru. Design similar gane unchi (Pixel 3), build quality improve chesaru. Panilo pani ga Prices kuda increase chesaru. Yes, ante ippudu Pixel 3 starting model last year Pixel 2 tho chusukunte 150$ ( Rs. 11,134/- ) ekkuva peringindhi.

( *Melliga Apple la maaruthunna Google ni chudandi* )

– Glass back, which enables wireless charging. ( *Coz they want us to buy their NEW wireless charger*)
– New Colour named ‘Not Pink’. ( *The Great Laughter Challenge lo joke idhi, navvundri..* )

– Sim card tray moved beside charging port. ( *Endhuku?* )
– IP 68 water resistant. ( *Manchidhi..koddiga dhairyam vacchindhi.*)
– Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. ( *Wokay….*)
– 4 GB RAM. ( *Seriously Google ??* )
– Bulit in Visual core chip ( Improves Camera performance ) and Titan Security chip ( Encrypts user data )
– Dual Front ‘ Firing ‘ speakers which are 40% louder than previous model. ( *Anyways mem important pani unnappudu earphones use chestham* )

– Flexible OLED with Gorilla glass 5. ( *Last year la complaints rakunda chusukondi..*)
– Available in 64GB & 128GB variants.


2. The New Addition Which Will Affect Selfie Stick Sales:

A NEW 8MP wide-angle (97 degree FOV) f/2.2 front camera with fixed focus sensor. Yes, podugu vallatho avasaram ledhu selfie sarigga raavataniki. Ee cam tho prashantham ga Wide angle selfies teesukovacchu.


3. The Differences & Pricing :


– 5.5-inch flexible OLED
– 1,080 x 2,160 resolution, 443ppi
– 18:9 screen ratio
– 2,915mAh ( Improvement from Pixel 2 which had 2,700mAh. )
– Pricing
64 GB – Approx Rs.71,000/-
128 GB – Approx Rs.80,000/-



– 6.3-inch flexible OLED
– 1,440 x 2,960 resolution, 523ppi
– 18.5:9 screen ratio
– 3,430mAh ( Decreased from Pixel 2XL which had 3,520mAh .)
– Pricing
64 GB – Approx Rs.83,000/-
128 GB – Approx Rs.92,000/-


4. New Software Features:

Top Shot

Perfect moments ni capture cheyyalani andhariki untundhi..but okkosari shutter button ni click chese gap lo aa moment ni miss aipothu untam. So, ee feature mana teese every single pic ki 11 different variations unna pics lo manaki the best choose chesi recommend chesthundi.

( * Just like the ‘Live photos’ feature in iPhones* )


Night Site

This makes the Pixel 3 & 3XL the best low light smartphone camera in the mobile market‘ ani chepparu, adhi entha nijamo chudali. This basically utilizes computational photography and AI to take improved low-light shots without the need for a flash.


Super Res Zoom:

Rear camera lo telephoto lens lekapoina, Google software gimmick tho artificial zoom ni recreate chesindhi..that too without the clarity being lost.


Playground :

Augmented Reality stickers tho aadukovacchu, and mana favorite Marvel characters kuda unnayi.
( * Arei evadanna mana kajal character create cheyyandra..alagaina oka photo teesukunta* )


Google Lens:

Deeni valla chalane uses unnayi. This will allow it to show you information much quicker without requiring you to launch Lens by pressing a button. This also has a new feature called as ‘Style Search‘.


Photo Booth Mode:

Yeah, ee mode lo pic teesukovataniki shutter button press cheyyalsina avasaram ledhu, just pallu kanapadela oka wide smile isthe chaalu.


Motion Auto Focus:

Manam edhanna video teesetappudu subject move aithe focus pothuu untundhi. But ee feature tho subject medha okasari click chesthe..aa subject movements ni track chesthuu focus stable ga undela chesthundi.


Tap To Change Focus

This allows user to change focal subject of the photo.


Edit Depth Of Field In Portrait Mode


Colour POP


Flip To Shhh

Mana phone ni flip chesi, screen kindhaki undela pedithe..manaki ae notifications raavu. So, you can have some ‘Me time’ without any disturbance and distractions. Sudden ga vacche call ni mute cheyyalanna ee feature chala helpful.


Call Screen:

This is one of the best feature coming with Pixel 3. This uses the new Duplex technology. Idhi em chesthundo nenu cheppatam kanna ee video chusthe meere shock autharu..


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