15 Of The Best ‘Cover Songs’ Of Pilla Raa & Inkem Kavale, That Are As Good As The Originals


Mana telugu cinema lo latest super hit songs ante manaki first mind loki vache songs, Pilla raa from RX100 & Inkem kavale from Geetha govindham. Release ainappatnunchi ippativaraku manam loop lo vintune unnam songs. Millions of views and hundreds of cover songs chepthunnay ee rendu songs craze ey range lo undho. Anurag kulkarni and Sid sriram ippudu the most talked singers of t-town aipoyaru.

Songs ki oka range craze vachindhi ante, aa songs meedha cover songs ravadam common. pilla raa and inkem kavale songs meedha kuda chala beautiful cover songs vachay. Already unna oka beautiful piece of art ni ey mathram degrade cheyyakunda, song ni inka enhance chesthu beautiful cover songs release chesaru mana music lovers. so, let us take a look at some of the best cover songs for ‘pilla raa’ and ‘Inkem kavale’ songs.

PS : Ee kindha unna compilation is only of the instrumental and vocal covers. We didn’t include the dance covers because there are so many good versions.


Pilla Raa cover songs :

1. Pilla raa female version ft. Spoorthi Jithender


2. Pilla Raa guitar cover ft. Phani


3. Pilla Raa guitar lesson ft. 8 frets


4. Pilla Raa keyboard cover ft. Vamsi


5. Pilla Raa vocal cover ft. Vamsi krishna


6. Pilla Raa vocal cover ft. harshith


7. Pilla Raa vocal cover ft. Ishaq Vali


Geetha Govindham cover songs :

1. Inkem kavale cover ft. Spoorthi Jithender


2. Inkem Kavale Tamil version ft. Ramu & Prashanth


3. Inkem kavale cover ft. Oorjah Band


4. Inkem kavale Piano cover


5. Inkem kavale performance by Band Niraval


6. Inkem kavale cover ft. Siddharth Shandilyasa


We have some Soulful mashups too..

1. Inkem kavale and Maruvaarthai mashup


2. Inkem kavale and Girls like you mashup ft. Manisha Eerabathini


Ilage mee favourite cover songs kuda undi untay, please do mention in the comment box so that we can make a great collection…


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