You’ve Heard These Songs But Did You Follow The Philosophy Your Heroes Sang In Them!?

Evaro nesina battalu manaki andhaanni isthayi, evaro pandinchina pantalu manaki balaanni isthayi. Same alaagane evaro raasina lyrics mana heroes ki kondantha image ni isthayi. Manaki aa paata raasina vaari names andharivi theliyakapovacchu kaani vallu raasina lines manaki dhairyanni isthayi.
Aa lines mana heroes cheppadam vallana inkaa mana burra loki lothuga velthayi. Verokari paata, mana heroes nota screen meedha nunchi bayataki vinipinchinapudu, ee paata mana kosame raasaremo ane feel vasthundhi.
Aa vidhamga simple words tho mana heroes vere sandharballo manaki cheppina 10 goppa paatalu. Kaadhu kaadhu Paataalu ikkada isthunna..
Note: Inka goppa lines chaala unnai, kaani simple ga 10 points tho mana whole life ni define chesina lines ivi!

Pawan Kalyan, Gudumba Shankar: A perfect analogy to define how you can be badass while being kind.
4 (2)
Mahesh Babu, Arjun: Don’t let failures bring you down. Learn from the experience.
6 (3)
Ram Charan, Yevadu: A live example for this one – his father.
8 (3)
Prabhas, Mr. Perfect: Proved it by doing exactly that… with Baahubali.
10 (1)
Allu Arjun, Vedam: No matter how idealistic we might act, this is indeed the truth of the world.
2 (4)
Manchu Manoj, Mr. Nukayya: An important lesson to learn on a rainy day.
5 (5)
Balakrishna, Mithrudu: Move on!
1 (4)
Sharwanand, Gamyam: If that isn’t the deepest of philosophy that ever existed then I don’t know what is.
9 (1)
Megastar, Rudraveena: Only the finest of men can stay grounded even after achieving the greatest heights. And only they actually win at life.
3 (3)

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