8 Perfect Reasons Why Curvy Girls Are Probably The Best Ever!


1. ‘Sarees and Curvy Women’ a pair made in heaven. Not just sarees, any traditional attire just goes amazing with us.



2. Being cute and Sexy is just our cup tea! For lean people, One pieces look like sleep wear but for us, it
flaunts the right areas and looks so cute and we can even easily fit into loose denim shorts



3. We don’t count calories…. but we do count the cakes that are yet to be done. Bwahaha!



4. People jump into conclusions easily and think we can’t dance with grace. Hold on huh, We dance super care free, Balance thappina peddha ga debbalu tagalavu kooda…



5. Ladies never feel low that you’re curvy, while you are feeling low others secretly wish for the curves you’ve got.



6. Remember that scene From ‘Anandh’ movie? I guess you’ll get what exactly I meant.



7. OH! Yeah.. kindha padukunte ma yamukalu maaku gucchukovuu!! Haayiga ma chethi meedha padukunte kamma ga nidhra occhesthundhi.



8. Buggalu koncham ekkuva untai…. and when we smile it looks all the more cute and it doesn’t show our age. We age slow in terms of looks you see.



P.S : *Tummy Rolls* Curvy and Proud!


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