11 Perks That You Get To Enjoy As A Software Engineer!


Enni options unna chaala mandhi software job ke ekkuva preference isthunnaru ante arthamaipothundhi aa field specialty ento. Chaala mandhi software field boring, stressing, kashtam thokka thota koora ani chepthuntaaru. Ishtam lekunda chesthe software field enti, eh field aina alaane anipisthundhi. Kaani software field lo perks eyy levalani, anni kashtaale ani build up so-called software engineers batch cheppedhi maathram complete nijam kaadhu!


1. Easy success ante em cheyyakunda success ani kaadhu. Compared to other fields you have better chances of success in this field ani.



2. Minimum entha kaadhu anukunna 3lk per annum package aithe starter ki undtundhi ey MNC lo aina. Eerojullo 1Lac per annum ki kuda work chesthunnaru. But, at least there’s hope for increment for sure.



3. Compared to other fields, if you are a hard worker growth definite ga untundhi.



4. Software job manchi MNC lo unte, inka pandage pandaga. Gym ki dabbulu bagane migulthaayi. 300 lo gym, swimming pool etc use cheskovachu. (depends upon the company)



5. Minimum quarterly trips resorts untaayi. Sharing kosam andharini adukkovaalsina avasaram undadhu. Group automatic ga form aipothundhi. Konni saarlu project client ey provide chesthaaru.



6. College tharwatha pretty people kanipinchedhi mostly software companies.



7. On-site experience. Work valla happy ga kottha place chudochu.



8. Antaaru kani, software engineer ante chaalu… any day high preference untundhi matrimonial site lo.



9. Most of the projects cabs provide chesthaayi. So, naana kashtaalu padi vellanavasaram ledhu.



10. Prathi weekend pakka work ki vellaalsina pani ledhu unless and until work demands it!



11. Asalu, relatives ki job profile explain cheyanavasarame ledhu. Software engineer? ey company? ee okka mukka chaalu. Aa tharwatha emanna adigithe ottu evaraina. Maa abbayiki job chusipettava ani aduguthaaru lendi. Adhi vere thalanoppi.



PS : Negatives and positives prathi chota untaayi. Alagani vendevi anni negatives ani prachaaram chesthe ela boss?? At least respect the field and work that’s feeding you. And moreover, even the entertainment, banking and many other fields are dependent on the software field. (not everyone but a few people do show that software field is very hard and boring)


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