Cricketers & Their Signature Shots: These Nostalgic Pepsi Ads Will Take You Back In Time


Ippudu ante Cricket chudali ante HotStar ani, ledha simple ga score chudataniki Cricbuzz ochesai kani. Okappudu ithe intlo unna oke okka TV lo manam, dad, brother/sister intlo evarevaru cricket fyaans unnaro, andaru TV athukkupoi chusevaallam.

Mari mana country lo cricket ki unna craze ni brands catch chesi, crazy crazy TV ads vadhilai, be it Pepsi, Airtel, Vodafone etc etc.

One such special nostalgic series of ads that we’d never forget is ‘Pepsi Ads Of Cricketers & Their Signature Shots’

Mana favourite cricketer shots ni masth funny ga, crazy ga common people style lo recreate chesina ads avi.. Here’s the nostalgic video, check it out:


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