Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Draw Comparisons To Complain Against The Newly Introduced Penalty Points System!


We all have heard about the newly introduced penalty points system introduced by Hyderabad Traffic Police. Recently, many discussions were taking place on Social Media regarding this issue. A lot of people are complaining about how they can implement these penalties when our roads are in such a bad condition. The major concerned points are basically the adverse state of our roads, no proper sign boards or road markings and even the parking signs not being properly arranged. Many have questions regarding these issues and are mocking the Traffic police on how can they issue penalties when the situation is like this.

But people, we should also consider these facts. One – there is no connection between the above mentioned reasons and wearing a helmet. 75% of our vehicular traffic consists of two wheelers. Recently the number of four wheelers in the city has also increased. So what’s so wrong in wearing a helmet and putting our seat belt on, when they are needed the most in bad roads? We in Hyderabad, have the best signalling system in the entire country. Any person who jumps the signal, cannot justify himself by listing out the above reasons. That’s his individual negligence and mistake. The list goes on with wrong side driving, talking on phone while driving, over speeding and triple riding which are no way can be caused because of bad roads. They are all the little mistakes an individual does and not the system, which may cost a huge price to that certain person.

There have been a lot of misconceptions prevailing about these penalty points among the people. Penalty points are only imposed when the rider is manually caught by the police. And no points are issued on pictures taken on the phones. Points are issued on the license number and not on the vehicle’s number. So the driver of the vehicle gets the penalty points irrespective of whose vehicle it is. No penalty points are imposed on fitness of the vehicle as it is not the mistake of the person driving it.

Everyone wishes for a happy life and certain safety measures should be followed for that. People should also consider that there are no penalty points for wrong parking, pollution and insurance issues. Before this penalty points were introduced, a lot of people even paid thousands of rupees just for Traffic challans. But no change in them is observed as much as the change that came after introducing the penalty points system. Helmet use has been increased to 90%. We should understand that this is a safety measure that is introduced just for our safety. A good motive introduced by our traffic police for our safety should be appreciated!


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