Hyderabad Traffic Police Introduces A “First-Of-Its-Kind” Penalty Point System For Traffic Violations!


Careful traffic violators! Hyderabad Traffic Police has introduced a one of its kind initiative by launching the “Penalty Point System” to tackle notorious motorists. From today (August 1), violating traffic rules is set to cost you more than you think.


According to the new regulations, if a person having a driving license commits an offence mentioned under the new rules, he/she will be awarded penalty points as specified. The penalty points will be recorded by the state government. These points will be maintained for a period of 24 months from the date of offence and if the driver exceeds 12 points during this period (two years), his driving license will be suspended for a year. If the same person, whose license was suspended previously, commits an offence and records 12 points again, then driving license of that person would be suspended for two more years.


Also, if a person holding a Learner’s License records five points, then his/her LLR shall be cancelled until they obtain a certificate of learning from a govt. recognized driving school.


ICYMI: This is a first of its kind initiative in our country and also Hyderabad Traffic Police holds the privilege of introducing many such firsts as cashless challans, body camera’s, cop-less junctions and etc.


Watch this video to know fully what this entails.

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