Pelli Poola Jada! The Story Of A Telugu Woman Who Built A Thriving Business Making Floral Jewellery!

Women are known to invest a lot of time to get ready on special occasions. Oh my! It takes a lifetime to get that ‘Awwww’ look. Among all these women dressed to perfection, the bride has to look extra special. How then can you have the bride to look different? With the “PoolaJaada” and accessories of course! Ammama ni adigithey telisindi.. Pellikuthurune entha baaga alankaristhey anni kallu alankaram meedakivelthayi anta. Antey ey dishti pellikuthuru ki tagalakoodadhu anedhi inside story. Ippudu ardham ayyindhi, Poola Jaada ki endukuantha importance istharoo.
‘Buggana chukka’, ‘Kalyana Thilakham’ entha mukyamo Poola Jada anthae mukyam mari adi kuda andhamga undali maname special ga kurchoni cheyyalemu. Flower markets anduke pellila season lo peak business chesthaayi. Kaani ee rojullo market ki evadu velthunnadu? Antha intiki order cheskovacchu. What if we can just order our ‘Pelli Poola Jaada’ to our doorstep? Wouldn’t it be just the best?!
Meet Kalpana Rajesh whose company makes “Pelli Poola Jaadas”. She started her career as a Chemical Engineer and worked hard to pull over financially. Her job didn’t make her happy when she had to leave her little girl at baby care. So she thought she would start up her own business and frankly what could be better than running your own business. Desigining floral garlands ‘Poola Jadalu’ for weddings was her Family’s profession and she decided to take it forward. She sensed that it had the potential to go big if planned right.
So it all started when she created a Facebook Page and shared all her work. Appreciation and business grew day by day.
They have branches in Hyderabad, AP, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Singapore, U.S.A. In a span of just four years it is actually a pretty huge.
Currently they have 45 branches and 250 women along with her putting efforts to make a Bride look Beautiful.

Some of their best work.



A single Poola Jaada can cost you up to 2000 and additional accessories start around 500. They also do Fresh flower jewellery, Artificial flower jada, Wedding garlands, Addu thera, Kobbari bondam, Earthen pots, Wedding umbrella, Ungaraala Bindhi, Pelli Butta, Karpuram/Elaichi garlands. If there is a wedding in the family, don’t forget about Pelli Poola Jaada 😉
Check out this video about Pelli Poola Jada And The Journey Of Kalpana Rajesh.


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