9 Path Breaking Telugu Movies From The 21st Century Which Proved How Experimental Tollywood Can Be!


Some movies though came across as weird at their time of release, slowly gather attention and are applauded for their interesting concepts. They come across as a breath of fresh air and restore our hope in creative cinema. Here’s our pick on certain flicks we thought are path breaking.


1. Chandamama kathalu (2014)
This is promoted as the first anthology film that’s ever made in Telugu. All the eight love tracks in the movie are interlinked by a struggling journalist who is desperately in need of money for his daughter’s surgery. This movie is like a breath of fresh air in our routine love stories. It has many veteran actors like Naresh and Aamani playing important characters. Lakshmi Manchu, who portrayed the character of a super model gone out of charm, delivered a pretty decent performance.
P.S: This movie won a National award for The Best feature Film in Telugu.

2. Broker (2010)
Broker, is a movie set as a take on the ailments of society. It revolves around Ganapathi, a financial broker who knows all the flaws in our financial system like the back of his hand. He takes advantage of that and makes dealings with politicians and businessmen and becomes the cause for his son’s death. This movie majorly discusses the flaws in our society and is brilliantly displayed by R.P. Patnaik. Though, it’s his second movie as a director, he made a good work in making the story line into a gripping flick. If you wish to binge on a new genre flick, this movie is a good choice.

3. Aa okkadu (2009)
A thriller movie, where a series of murders happen and a young psychiatrist is accused of them the rest of the movie is all about who’s done it. Ajay plays a lawyer in the film where he helps the female lead, played by Madhurima, find the real killer. Movie gets better towards the end where all the jigsaw pieces are finally combined. Screenplay plays an important role in this thriller and is executed properly. This movie though didn’t receive much limelight is watchable for genuine reasons. The story is completely gripping and totally new. It is definitely path breaking in this specific genre.

4. Okkadunnadu (2007)
Kiran, a city based guy visits Mumbai regarding a property issue. Sona Bhai, a mafia don with a rare blood group has to undergo heart transplantation. His blood group matches with that of Kiran and the rest of the movie is a tussle between these two. Kiran’s character definitely adds to Gopichand’s arsenal. The characters are beautifully woven and nicely portrayed. There is enough logic behind every move the hero makes. Though haven’t received much applause, this movie definitely set a trend in versatile film making.

5. Anukokunda oka roju (2005)
This is quite a surprise to the people who speculated that Chandra Sekhar Yeleti will fall into the Second Movie syndrome after a much applauded ‘Ite’. The movie is about a young girl who falls prey for a drug mischief. Jagapathi babu played the role of a suave cop and came across as a pleasant surprise. It is not one of the perfect movies but the director managed to bind the scenes in a way that you’re engrossed into it throughout the movie. As we already know he’s got the nerve for innovation and experimenting and proves the same thing in this movie too. This tale is interestingly narrated and the story is completely refreshing on our screens which makes it definitely path breaking.

6. Grahanam (2004)
The movie is based on the story ‘Doshagunam’ written by renowned Telugu writer, Chalam. The flick is about an incomprehensible disease caused by illicit affair between a young lad and a middle aged woman. The disease can only be cured with the blood from the thigh of the woman. This intriguing story line is brilliantly depicted which resulted in numerous awards for this film. It never makes us feel like it’s made by a debutante director. Technically also this film captivates audience with sound screenplay and editing. The background score also complements the mood of the film.

7. Aithe (2003)
The debut film of Chandrasekhar Yeleti. This film is a very authentic film without any surrealism or traces of inspiration in it. He proves himself as a new generation director with good technical knowledge. Though this movie has gangster element in it, the take on it was very new and innovative. The publicity of the movie is also quite interesting. It proves gain the good taste of Gunnam Gangaraju as a producer. The caption of the movie ‘anni cinemalu okela undavu’ describes it perfectly. Despite the publicity that cited the movie is just for the elite crowd, it did quite well among the masses too. Overall, ‘Aithe’ is definitely a must watch.

8. 9 nelalu (2001)
9 nelalu is a much needed film that restores our faith in creativity and acting skills in films. It is a story about a woman who accepts an unusual proposal for the operation of her husband. A bold topic it was handled creatively by the director. The beauty of the flick lies in sending the message encompassing throughout the movie. Refreshingly different, this movie becomes a ray of hope for audience thirsting for innovative movies.

9. Chitram (2000)
This is a first of its kind movie to the then Telugu cinema. A very daring take on college love stories in which a teenage girl gets pregnant and how it affected her and her lover’s lives. This movie though got noticed for the wrong reasons, had a subtle underlying message which is left to the viewer’s discretion. Teja, being a debutant director did a decent job in tackling a subject like this. Overall this movie is a thought provoking one and definitely a must watch.


Tollywood is always full of surprises. A lot of path-breaking movies go un-noticed to many of us. If you have any movie in your mind that you feel is a path-breaking film, do share and let us know in the comments!


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