This Girl’s Detailed Travelogue About Paris Is A Must Read If You’re Ever Planning To Visit The City

bout Paris Is A Must Read If Yo


“Look, Idi India kadu, Paris, India ni tape recorder lo petti 50 years fast forward nokkithe ela vuntundo ala vuntundi”

My earliest memories about Paris goes back to Bramhanandam’s description about the city in Manmadhudu movie. Paris anagane naku first gurthochhedhi idhe.


PARIS– a very special for place for me, na first international solo backpacking trip ikkade start chesanu.

Charles de Gaulle Airport lo plane land avagane, konchem excitement, konchem tension vunna escalator dagariki ragane bramhanamdm escalator scene gurtocchi navvukunna anukondi.

Appati dhaka e trip only dreams lone, ippudu nijam ga Paris lo vunna ante its a miracle. Assalu ee solo trip ki ma Amma oppukuntarani kalalo kuda anukoledu. Okavela oppukuna airport daka vellaka emotional blackmail chesi venakki theesukocchestharu anukuna.

Alaa start aindhi e trip. So Paris vishayaniki vasthe, it’s a city of love. The cobblestone roads, ancients monuments, long history, French architecture, Art, rich culture and Gastronomy are all amazing reasons to go there.

Here are things to do, where to stay, what to eat….etc etc.

Oopiri cinemalo Nagarjuna laga kakapoyana, Edo na range lo chepthane.


Things to do in Paris:

I’ll start this with a suggestion. Tourist package theesukuni experience spoil cheskokandi. Imagine school pilala laga, Oka bus ekki, Vadu theesukelina prathi place lo dhigi, photo lu theesukuni vacchesthe Paris velli waste. You will miss the whole charm of this city. Travel on your own, prepare you own itinerary the way you want, at your own pace.

Go on a walking tour:

There are so many volunteer clubs who organize for free walking tours. One such organization is Sandemann’s new Europe. There are fixed nodal points where you can join a group of travelers for a guided walking tour. The guides are usually full of humor. Oka place nundi inko place ki alaaa nadusthu madhyalo aaguthu a places gurinchi guide cheppindhi vinadame. Best part is you can team up with fellow travelers in the group to see nearby places after the walking tour is over.


Climb up the Eiffel Tower:

Kastha Kaallu noppulu vasthayi, but the reward is worth it. 300 meters height nundi city motthanni choosthunte……ababaa!! I can’t describe that feeling in words. (You can also take a ticket to the elevator entrance if you don’t want to climb)

View from the Eiffel towers 2nd level



Visit the Louvre museum – it’s the world’s largest Art museums. Go only if you are interested in history, ancient art and paintings. Original Monalisa painting vunnadi ikkade. Kani Mari ekkuva expectation petukokandi….a painting manam ohinchukuna daanikan chala chinnaga vuntundi.

It’s a very popular and hence a crowded museum. Try to buy tickets online to avoid huge lines. Muse D’Orsay museum and Paris modern art museum are great ones if you like contemporary modern art and photography

Louvre museum


Champs Elysees:

Idi oka Thopu area. Its filled with top branded stores, luxury boutiques, expensive restaurants and this roads connects some iconic monuments including the arch de triumph. Matter entante ikkada edhi kone range lo vundadu unless you are too rich. Fashion is at its peak. Ammayilu abbayilu models kanna Baga ready ayyi road mida thirigesthu vuntaru.


Go on a cruise :

Evening time lo river cruise trip is the best thing to do. Many cruises starts from the cruise point under the bridge near Eiffel tower. Cheekati pade time ki, city anta lights tho nindipotundi. It’s really magical. Ee cruise trip usually ga oka one hour vuntundi. The guide in the cruise will tell about the important places on either sides of the river.

Each night Eiffel Tower is covered with sparkling lights for several times. Cruise trip ayipoyaka do wait near the tower to see the sparkling lights.

My favorite and one of the top free things do in Paris is to walk by the river to witness soul of the city.


Pont des arts:

Also called as The love lock bridge. Manaki Baga ishtamaina vala peru tho patu mana Peru lock midha raasi, key ni river lo vadilesthe vallu eppatiki manathone vuntarani oka chinna sentiment.

Janalu e logic ni ae range lo nammaru ante a locks baruvuki strong ga Katina bridge vangipovadam start ayindi anta. Ippudu a spot ni bridge midha nundi theesesi , bridge pakkana vunna side railings daggariki marcharu.

E concept miru namina namakapoiyina choodataniki matharm vellocchu…….It’s really incredible to see how many lakhs of people want to stay in love with their partners or loved ones.


Latin quarters:

Its not one of the top attractions in Paris but It’s a little less crowded, pretty neighborhood of Paris. Ekkada choosina students, hip cafes, music concerts and street artists.

It has a very lively environment. Ikada aaram se oka rojantha spend cheyochu. There are lot of book stores here including Shakespeare & co…….you can also watch a play in one of the art houses and don’t forget to enjoy some great authentic French food.


Once you are in Paris, there are so many things to do on the spot. I went to a 3 day spring festival on the spot without planning, also went on a horror story telling walking tour.
Am sure you will many more amazing experiences other than the ones which I mentioned above.


What to eat:

Street food starts from simple French fries, crepes, subs, toasts, bagels and many more.
Also try food in small local home kitchens, that’s the most authentic French food you can ever get.

Fast food and budget eat outs includes Mcd’s, Kfc’s and the Burger kings of the world.
French food thini bore kodithe, Indian restaurants prathi area lo vunnay anukondi.


Getting there:

Hyderabad nundi chala direct and connecting flights vunnay. Mariiii peak season lo Kakunda kastha medium tourist season lo advanced ga plan cheskunte one way flight tickets 15-18 thousand lope vachesthayi.


Visa :

Schengen visa vunte, it gives access to 26 + European countries. If you document it properly with all supporting documents, Schengen visa is not really tough to get. All the European countries are more than happy to welcome travelers.

Go to VFS France website and you can apply the visa on your own. Step by step process chala clear ga ichadu.



Summer Mid June to Augusthigh/Peak season

Spring mid march to Mid-JuneMedium tourist season

Autumn September & OctoberMedium tourist season

Winter and snowfall November to Mid march Off-season


Getting around:

Within the city Metros are very easy to navigate. Metro connectivity is there for every corner of the city including the airport.
While Uber is available it will be a little expensive option.


Stay options:

Paris lo stay options ki em thakkuva. 5 star hotels nundi budget stays varaku enno options vunnay.

Group of friends tho or couples ki ante airbnb is the best option. Happy ga local hosts thostay chesthe, local suggestions and local food will be an added advantage.


Solo ga velthunte I highly recommend staying in backpackers hostels They are neat, hygienic and economic. You can meet a bunch of travelers from different parts of the world.

Hostels are a melting pot of cultures. You will never feel alone. Also hostels arrange a lot of activities and experiences which a regular traveler will never come to know. For example nenu vellina week lo French cooking classes, cheese tasting tour and rock & roll dance workshops organize chesaru. Hostel world app will be helpful for bookings. Aribnb and couch surfing are great options too.


Happy Traveling ☺
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