15 Things That You Wish Your Parents Would Understand!


Life lo oka age ki vachaka there are some important things that we, as adults want to say it out to our parents. There are somethings that keep poking us from the inside, some discussions that never happen between parents and their children. Most of us actually go ahead and say out these things to them, but sadly they do not understand. Maybe these things are beyond them, or maybe these things came into existence in our generation. So here are a few of common things that all millennial want their parents to understand.

If you are a parent reading this, go talk to your kid. If you are a youth reading this, share this article with your parents.


1. Don’t ‘compare’ your kids with others, it hurts.


2. Not everyone wants to do the same job.


3. And not everyone has to necessarily become IAS or Government employee.


4. Missing school for 1 day is totally OK


5. Grades really don’t matter in the long run.


6. Just because I’m on my phone, doesn’t mean I’m wasting my time.


7. Life is not just about working continuously like a robot & earning money, its about living it to the fullest.


8. Every time you put me on phone with relatives to talk, it gets awkward.


9. Being a little lazy in life doesn’t make me careless about life.


10. It is OK if both Husband & Wife are working employees after marriage.


11. It is OK if I want to do something totally different from Engineering in life, even after completing it.


12. Waking up late, having breakfast before bathing is not a sin.


13. Dad, I’d appreciate you not getting my entire hair cut off in salon.


14. I do believe in god, but that doesn’t mean I should always be praying.


15. I might not be able to verbally convey you, how much I love you both. But I want you to know that I love you.


And, that you can’t pause online multiplayer game in the middle.


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