All You Need To Know About The Back Story Of Tirupathi’s Parasurameshwara Swamy Temple!


Brahma – Vishnu- Shiva – known as Trimurthy – play a vital role in Hindu mythology and are considered as main deities. While Brahma signifies creation, Vishnu signifies Life and Shiva the death. Although there are many temples in India for these three deities separately, there are very few temples where the three deities are worshipped at one place in one form.

One such known temple is in Mithrananthapuram, Kerala and the other is in Gudimallam, the place near Holy shrine Tirupathi. Gudimallam is a small village located in Srikalahasti Mandal, of the Chittoor district. It is located 10kms south-easterly to Renigunta Railway Junction. The deity here is known as Parasurameshwara Swamy. It is an 2600 year old renowned ancient temple located on the banks of river Swarna Mukhi. This temple was built during the reign of Cholas and Pallavas, hence the place came to be known as GudiPallam which became Gudimallam later on.

The magnificence of the temple lies in its architecture. The sanctum sanctorum and the Gopuram are built in the shapes of “Shiva Lingam” and “GajaPushti” respectively. The premise of the temple is fortified with Goddess Anandavalli, Lord Karthikeya along with his consorts Valli and Devasena and Lord Surya Bhagawan. Here, the deities are worshipped in a Ekasila (single statue) form which portrays Lord Brahma in Yaksha form, Lord Vishnu in his sixth incarnation as Parasurama and Lord shiva in Purusha Linga form and an interesting story is associated with it.

The story goes like this, “When Lord Parasurama, the warrior sage was ordered by his father Jamadagni Maharshi to behead his mother Renuka devi. He follows the order and beheads his mother. Jamadagni Maharshi was pleased and gave his son a boon, which Parasurama used to bring his mother Renuka Devi back to life. Although, his mother had got back her life, Parasurama felt guilty of his act since he has sinned by raising his axe against his mother. As a penance to his sins, advised by his father, he came to the banks of swarnamukhi river where Lord Shiva’s idol was located in purusha Linga form. There was a small lake called “Chitrakolanu” near the temple where a lone flower would bloom every day which the parasurama used to offer to the Lord shiva.

Once Brahma, in his Yaksha form arrived and offered his help in guarding the flower so that the penance of Parasurama is not disturbed under the condition that Parasurama offers him one kaluvakunda and a goat everyday. Brahma used to aid Parasurama in his prayers till he hit upon the idea of testing Parasurama. Then Brahma plucked the flower he is supposed to guard and offered it to Lord Shiva and began to pray. This act of Brahma has aroused such anger in Parasurama that he chased Brahma with his axe. When Brahma and Parashurama fought for 15 days and brought unbearable pain to mother earth. Lord Shiva had to appear before them to pacify Parasurama saying that his penance had succeeded the minute Brahma had plucked the flower and he need not carry the guilt any longer. Further more, he blessed both of them by merging them into him. The statue now has Lord Brahma crouching down as the dwarf, Lord Vishnu as Parasurama oh his shoulders, holding his axe and a ram’s head.”

The statue of the Trinity is located 6.0” below the ground level. It is believed that once in 60 years the water of River swarnamukhi touches the idol. The last time it happened was on 04-12-2005. Not only that, the most incredible occurrence is that the sun rays touch the main deity feet during the transition from Uttharayam to Dakshinayam.
It is said that lighting a lamp in this temple on the auspicious day of kartheeka Poornima and on Mondays in Kartheeka Maasam brings immense good luck.


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