Not Just PV Sindhu. Our Para Athletes Also Won Medals & This Is Their Story


Monna Basel, Swtzerland lo jarigina BWF championship lo P.V.Sindhu mana India ki first Gold Medal earn chesaru, Sai Praneeth B Men’s Singles category lo Bronze Medal acquire chesaru. We celebrated their victory and we are super proud of them. But, adhe badminton lo ee year manam inko 3 Gold medals kuda achieve chesam anna vishyam meeku thelusa ?

Yes, mana Indian Para Shuttlers ee year adhe Basel, Switzerland lo jarigina BWF World Para-Badminton Championship lo 3 Gold tho paatu, 4 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals total ga 12 Medals win ayyaru. But their victory is not yet celebrated nor recognized.


I myself learnt a lot about Para-Badminton and our Indian Para- Athletes ( A sportsperson with a disability ) while writing this article, hope you’ll learn too. Let’s Start from the beginning…


Asalu when did this BWF World Championship start for Para-Athletes?

1998 lo ee championship first time Amersfoort / Netherlands lo conduct chesaru. 2 years ki okasari jaruguthundhi. 22 Medal events unde ee championship lo over 41 nations, 264 athletes compete chestharu. 2009 varuku ee championships ni Para Badminton World Federation (PBWF) organize chesevallu, 2011 nunchi ee game ni vere countries ki reach ayyela cheyyalani BWF ( International governing body for the sport of badminton recognised by International Olympic Committee ) conduct chesthundhi.

Badminton will be an official sport for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


Asalu Normal Badminton ki Para – Badminton ki difference emanna undha ?

Yes, undhi. Normal Badminton lane Para- Badminton athletes ki men’s & women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles lo compete chestharu. But, indhulo participate chese okko athlete disability ni batti game lo fairness ensure cheyyatam kosam vallani different ‘ Sport Classes ‘ lo classify chestharu. Para- Badminton lo SIX ( 6 ) Sport Classes unnayi.


Ippativaruku mana India Para Badminton lo geluchukunna medals:
P.S: 2007 ki mundhu data available ledhu.

2007 – Thailand9 Medals ( Gold – 2, Silver – 1, Bronze – 6 )

2009 – Seoul, Korea6 Medals ( Gold – 3, Silver – 0, Bronze – 3 )

2013 – Dortumund, Germany10 Medals ( Gold – 3, Silver – 0, Bronze – 7 )

2015 – Aylesburry, England12 Medals ( Gold – 4, Silver – 3, Bronze – 5 )

2017 – South Korea10 Medals ( Gold – 2, Silver – 2, Bronze – 6 )


2019 – Basel, Switzerland winners are :

Men’s Singles

Pramod Bhagat – Gold Medal in ‘ SL3 ‘ category.
He was afflicted with polio at the age of seven. He is currently the World No.1. He also received the prestigious Arjuna Award for the year 2019.


Manoj Sarkar – Bronze Medal in ‘ SL3 ‘ category.
He was struck by polio during his teenage years. He also received the prestigious Arjuna Award for the year 2018.


Tarun Dhillon – Silver Medal in ‘ SL4 ‘ category.
He met with an accident when he was 8 years old, while playing football and seriously injured his right knee, resulting in his movement getting restricted despite two surgeries.


Sukant Kadam – Bronze Medal in ‘ SL4 ‘ category.


Nagar Krishna – Bronze Medal in ‘ SS6 ‘ category.


Men’s Doubles

Pramod Bhagat & Manoj Sarkar – Gold Medal in ‘ SL3 – SL4 ‘ category.


Kumar Nitesh & Tarun Dhillon – Silver Medal in ‘ SL3 – SL4 ‘ category.


Umesh Vikram Kumar – Bronze Medal in ‘ SL3 – SL4 ‘ category. ( This Bronze was shared by Thailand’s Chawarat Kitichokwattana )


Raj Kumar & Rakesh Pandey – Bronze Medal in ‘ SU5 ‘ category.


Nagar Krishna & Raja Magotra – Silver Medal in ‘ SS6 ‘ category.


Women’s Singles

Manasi Girishchandra Joshi – Gold Medal in ‘ SL3 ‘ category.
In 2011, Manasi, who was on her way to work in Mumbai, met with a road accident which saw her left leg crushed, arms broken and numerous other injuries.


Parul Dalsukhbhai Parmar – Silver Medal in ‘ SL3 ‘ category.
She was afflicted by polio at young age. She is currently world no.1 in Women’s Singles. She also received the prestigious Arjuna Award for the year 2009.


Adhi ae sport aina kanivvandi, aa sport lo mana country ni represent cheyyali ane dream prathi sportsperson ki untundhi. Aa chance kosam, valla dreams ni achieve chesukukovatam kosam enni hurdles vacchina entho dedication tho hard-work chesthuntaru.

Aa chance vacchaka everyone strives for success, some attain it. But aa success ki appreciation, recognition and proper support lekapothe, adhi game ni affect cheyyatame kadhu..ila entho mandhini inspire cheyyalsina athletes / role models ni kuda unknown facts ga migilipoyela chesthayi.


Although they’ve won 12 medals, they still weren’t able to meet our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. They’ve succeeded in their sport, now they are striving for recognition; not for them but for the sport itself.


However, deeni valla mana country loni Para -Athletes ki manche jarigindhi. Mana Sports Minister Mr. Kiren Rijiju, ippativaruku Sports Authority Of India lo Para – Athletes meedha unna policy ni amend/ Change chesi, BWF championship lo 12 medals win aina Para – Athletes ki Rs 1.82 crore hand over chesaru. ( Singles Event : Gold – Rs.20 Lakh, Silver – Rs.14 Lakh, Bronze – Rs. 8 Lakh ) ( Doubles Event : Gold – Rs.15 Lakh each, Silver – Rs.10.5 Lakh each, Bronze – Rs. 6 Lakh each )

According to the amended guidelines,
medal winners in world events and world championships “which are organised by International Paralympic Committee as well as in events that are not organised by IPC, but organised by respective International Sports Federation and recognised by International Olympic Committee, will be eligible for cash awards from the government“.



No matter their disability, our Para – Athletes are able to make India Proud and all they need is our appreciation and recognition. Let’s start to celebrate their success too.

Recent Update : PM Narendra Modi congratulates para badminton winners after tweet by medalist Sukant Kadam


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