Meet The 75-Year-Old Rockstar Veteran Cook Who Belts Out Delicious ‘Dibba Rottis’ Single-handedly!


Have you ever eaten a ‘Dibba rotti’? The traditional Telugu food preparation is a staple breakfast food in most towns in AP/TG. One place that is quite famous in West Godavari is the Maruthi Tiffin Center, Palkol.

Dibba Rotti is a kind of Dosa that is cooked on Charcoal. This Tastes amazing and has been pulling large crowds to this little hotel. People who visit Palkol town love to have a taste of this rarest Street food. Maruthi Tiffin center has been serving delicious food for the last 3 generations. Do visit this place for this awesome breakfast food if you’re visiting Palkol.

The special attraction of this place is Mr. Satyam, a veteran master cook, aged 72. He has been working at Maruthi tiffin center since 45 years preparing Dibba Rottis. The amount of work he gets done everyday is exceptional. His speed and efficiency are totally badass. Check out this video to see him just single-handedly minting out ‘Dibba Rottis’ like crazy!


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