Pagdandi Yatra: This 2 Week Journey To Satpura Forest & The Tribals Living There, Might Change Your Life’s Perspective

Contributed By Divya Vattikuti

The Pagdandi yatra is an adventurous journey of self-exploration. Hindi lo Pagdandi ante Footpath/track ani ardham. Vividha pranthala nunchi, different age groups ki chendina people, 2 weeks Satpura forest lo chese journey ee pagdandi yatra. Highly motivated youth from India and abroad join this 100km long 2-week journey in the forest, meeting the Korku Tribe villages of Madhya Pradesh.

What happens in the yatra:

This journey starts from Khalwa village where the participants meet to start their long way into Satpura forests. In a tractor, they move into the forest, stopping at different korku villages. The visit to the villages is to understand about the korku tribes, how they do the agriculture, their culture, their practices, observe their schools, temples, community halls. It is more like “Living with them just like them.” This means you need to make and eat the food that they commonly eat there, participate in their meetings where they sing and dance to cultural folk songs. The participants involve themselves in several activities like trekking, campfire among others. Along with this, the participants also try to identify the problems the tribes usually face and find possible solutions.

In the end, the participants talk about their experience and the problems they identified in the villages along with possible solutions. Each of them also needs to capture and show 3 photos that highlight their journey.

Takeaways from the Yatra

Asalu ee yatra valla manaki vacchedi enti ante a beautiful experience of living with tribals, discovering the place, and discovering yourself in this process. If someone is looking for a realistic travel experience in a raw, rustic way while giving to the community back, this yatra is definitely what you are looking for. Living in the cities, we are spoilt with the availability of everything at our arm’s length, from food to water, but this journey gives us a first-hand experience of the way tribals live with minimal resources yet lead a happy life. Also, all the proceeds that arise from the yatra go back to korku people, helping them develop their community. Tribals anagaane mana mind lo preconceived notions chaala untaayi… But Pagdandi yatra will definitely give you a perspective beyond this. This yatra gives the perspective of the real beautiful life tribals live.

How to get involved:

TYCIA (Take Your Concern Into Action )Foundation conducts the pagdandi yatra and this yatra happens once a year during the month of March. The application process for this yatra is quite simple. You need to fill out a google form found on the TYCIA website and social media handles, that has a couple of questions about your interest in this yatra, after which the confirmation happens through the mail if you are selected.

Isn’t this interesting? If you are thinking to have a break and looking for some lifetime experience this is for you.

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