Here’s The Story Of Manjamma Jogati, A Transgender Woman That Has Been Honored With Padma Shri

Struggles and sufferings in life should never take away that smile from your face. Karnataka’s transgender dancer Manjamma Jogati proves this point as she walks towards the President for the Padma Shri yesterday. Her smile, grace, her love, and warm greetings made our day even brighter. But her life was no less than any roller coaster ride for a transgender. With a lot of highs and lows. Let’s know about her.

Transgender folk dancer Matha Manjamma Jogati receives Padma Shri award  President Kovind unique gesture video | India News – India TV

Manjamma Jyothi. She has been awarded Padma Shri for her contribution to folk dance. Kaani dance nerchukovadam start cheyyakamundu, chala hardships face chesindhi. Manjamma Karnataka lo unna Ballari district lo putindhi. She was first recognized as Manjunatha Shetty.

Manjamma Jogati, Transgender Folk Artiste from Karnataka Conferred with  Padma Shri - Gaylaxy Magazine

She studied till 10th standard. 15-year-old unnapudu, tana amma-nanna Jogappa ane oka ritual cheyinchadaniki tiskoni vellaru. Aa pooja chesthe, God or goddess ni pelli cheskuntaru ani valla nammakam. Aa pooja lo Manjunatha, Manjamma gaa maararu. Tana identity ni full gaa accept chesi embrace cheyyadam start chesindhi. Danitho, she was not allowed to enter her own house as Majamma Jogati.

Padma Shri Manjamma Jogati Is A Transgender Folk Artiste Married To A  Goddess

After embracing her true identity, she took a saree and draped it around. She got on the roads and started begging for a living. But she always put her head high. Kaani oka transgender gaa tana life chala dark phase looki vellipoindhi. Sexual abuse face chesindhi. Life lo ilanti situation face cheyyadam tho chala mental trauma looki vellipoyi, suicide cheskundamu ani anukunnaru.

Padma Shri Jogati Manjamma dedicates her award to her entire community -  transgenders, folk artists and Kannadigas: Interview

But life is all about getting ourself out from those dark phases and living our lives with courage. So did she. This is when folk dancing came into her life. Oka father-son duo dancing ni Manjamma ki introduce chesaru. Valle dance nerpincharu. That unfolded a new life of her life. Daani tarvata Jogathi Nrithyaa ane dance form nerchukodam start chesindhi. She danced across Karnataka and made this dance form popular.

The unstoppable dance of Manjamma Jogati

Karnataka lo performing arts ki government body aina Jaanapada Academy ki Manjamma first transgender president gaa stand-out aiyyaru.

Padma Shri Jogati Manjamma dedicates her award to her entire community -  transgenders, folk artists and Kannadigas: Interview

Her greetings to the President and her blessings have caught a lot of eyes at the Rastrapathi Bhavan yesterday. Everyone around clapped at her gestures and her energy while she blesses the President. Everyone on social media applauded her too for representing her community in the best way possible.

Her life has seen a lot of hardships. She has seen extreme poverty and faced a lot of criticism in the world. Our world has a lot of misconceptions about the transgender community that has made their lives harder but her smiling face shows how blissfully they live their lives. What a great lady with such a great pious.

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