What If Our Padmavathi Of ‘Choodalani Undi’ Movie Replies To Her Lover Vasu In Her Style!

Gunasekhar’s Blockbuster Film “Chudalani Undi” is a timeless beauty. The film had beautiful narration and characters that were endearingly memorable. Several scenes from the movie are so ingrained in our memories that you can never really get them out of your head. One such scene is the one where ‘Padmavath/Paddu’ (Soundarya) reading her lover Vasu’s Love Letter inked in blood. The scene was hilarious not only for the ridiculous contents of the letter, but also for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s reactions to it. If you are unable to recall this particular scene, then check it out down below.

Now That You’ve refreshed memory, it’s time to present the hilarious reply that our Paddu might have written for Vasu.
Paddu Letter(1)

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