Meet The Talented Guy From Kadapa, Who Wooed RGV To Become The Co-Writer of Sarkaar-3!


Typical RGV style is that he’s always unpredictable, but what if the same guy picks an engineer out of nowhere for his next Bollywood biggie? What if a guy sends his college work to a film director and a week later, is offered a chance to work with Amitabh Bachchan? Well, it truly did happen. Here’s the story of P. Jaya Kumar, whose journey to become a Bollywood writer, nothing short of a rags to riches story, is indeed proof that there are still people who value talent.



Hailing from Railway Koduru in Kadapa, Jaya Kumar is a mechanical engineer who choose Masters in Arts and Aesthetics over regular IITs and IIMs. His love towards RGV and his works has now landed him the position of a writer in “The Company”. Speaking on how he got a chance to work for RGV, Jaya told The Hindu, “I was too lazy to turn in optional term papers before the deadlines. To motivate myself, I based all those papers on Ram Gopal Varma’s previous work — a subject I am completely thorough with. I sent copies of the same to him as well, out of impulse. Then the unthinkable happened. I received a phone call from him a couple of days later inviting me to Hyderabad.” And a day and half journey of travel from Delhi to Hyderabad in a general compartment, the next thing was discussing about movies and stuff for 2 straight hours with RGV himself.



With the inputs from RGV and his own ideas about Sarkar-3 was formed and as expected he received compliments in RGV’s own style. RGV said that even if 25% justice was done to the script it would make a wonderful film.



He truly is worth all the hype around him as it takes a lot of patience, determination and talent to get to work with the likes of RGV and Big B to become one of the youngest writers to debut in Bollywood. We hope to see more amazing stuff from Jaya Kumar in the near future.


Source: The Hindu

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