Here Are The Details That You Should Know About Oxygen Cylinders And Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen kosam kottukune rojulu osthai ani eppudo vinte pichi anukunna , kallara chudalsi osthundi. Covid bibatsanga chelaregi pothundi and situations are worse. You never know , epudu evariki ela affect avuthundi ani , so kindhunna e information ni chadavandi and spread more awareness. Mee help valla oka pranam kapadagaligina adhe chalu. Andariki telisinatte Covid valla respiration problems dani valla manishiki oxygen levels takkuva avvadam tho suffocation osthundhi ani , so critical patients ki oxygen supply chala avasaram. Present market lo oxygen dorike mediums rendu Oxygen cylinder , Oxygen concentrator. Renditi gurinchi basic information undhi , chadiveseyandi

Cylinder ayina concentrator ayina renditi purpose okate , oxygen supply cheyadam. Kaani asala ela supply chesthadi anedhe difference

Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen cylinders are as similar to gas cylinders , kakapothe ikada LPG kadhu oxygen untundi , cylinder size maruthundi anamata. Already tayaruchesina specific amount of oxygen ni compress chesi cylinders lo fill chesi supply chestharu , danni patients inhale cheskodaniki use chestharu.

Oxygen Concentrators

Peru ki related gane Concentrators mana chuttu unna air ni tiskuni daani nundi medical grade oxygen ni concentrate chesi manaki supply chese device anamata. Concentrators oxygen ni air nundi create chesthayi , so oka limit antu undadhu , Simple ga cheppalante concentrator oxygen ni create chese oka machine ani cheppukovachu.

Mana chuttu air lo 78% nitrogen 21 % oxygen untundi , so concentrator ee air ni tiskoni , filter chesi , nitrogen ni release chesi manaki medical grade oxygen ni isthayi anamata. Since mana chuttu air untundi kabatti power supply ichinantha sepu e device oxygen ni supply chesthundi , but cylinder tho compare chesthe per hour konchem takkuva oxygen supply chesthundi , So e case ayina sare me oxygen levels ni batti me doctor prescribe chesthene concentrator vadandi.

Renditiki difference enti ? Edhi better ?

Oxygen cylinders tho compare chesthe konchem concentrators ke ekkuva benefits untayi.

1)Cylinder lo oxygen quantity limited , okkasari motham aypoyaka either kothadi tiskovali ledha refill cheskovali but concentrator works on battery or electricity kabatti , air nundi entha concentrate chesthe antha , unlimited oxygen capacity untundi.

2)Coming to safety cylinders lo undedhi pure oxygen and oxygen is highly flammable , so by chance leak ayithe risk ekkuva , coming to concentrator aa time ki entha oxygen kavalo antha air nundi create chesthundi kabatti less risky

3)Cylinder tho compare chesthe concentrator ni portable ga move cheyachu , place to place that makes it easy for patients cylinders vishayaniki osthe heavy and specific temperature lone vatini unchali.

4)Oxygen cylinders lo continuous flow untundi , concentrators lo a option tho paatu manam flow ni , like enni litres oxygen per hour flow avvalo set cheksochu

5)Kakapothe cost vishayaniki osthe cylinders kanna concentrators konchem cost ekkuva , oka concentrator approx 40k-90k untundi where as okka cylinder 10k to 20k untundi.

Concentrator ni doctor advise chesthe , manam intlo kuda use cheskochu , ofcourse chala precautions and guidance untene , also only doctor me oxygen levels chusaka mathrame okavela concentrator tho nadusthundi antene ee option use cheyandi

Concentrators only oxygen levels parledhu >90 and <95 untene vadandi also concentrators only villaki (moderately ill ) matrame impact isthundi because e level oxygen unnavallaki per min 5-10 litres of oxygen saripothundi  , but critical patients ki almost 40-50 litres of oxygen kavalsi untundi , so sontha decisions tiskune mundhu doctor dagara advise tiskondi.

Cylinders meru market nundi tiskovalsindhe , but concentrators ni meeru online lo , shops lo kuda tiskochu. kaani elantidhi tiskovali ? ela vaadali anedhi , me doctor ni kanukuni matrame vadandi. Ipudunna situtions lo verified crowdsourced information tiskoni konni points collect chesaru , take these into consideration.

1. Ensure the concentrator has high flow rate. 10L is great.

2. Buy the ‘90%±3%’ concentration output, NOT ’30-90±3%’. Very very important.

3. Do NOT buy Dedakj (not for COVID!) & Philips 3ltr (pretty useless). Go for Airsep or Philips 5L — both work.

4. Certification matters.

5. Concentrator shouldn’t be less than 15kg–lightweight ones can’t provide oxygen at the required flow rate for those with high dependency on oxygen.

6. If you’re using US oxygen concentrators, they’re only 110V. You will need a transformer to step it up to 230V.

7. Please please watch out for this: sellers can try to fool you with high prices by highlighting ‘5 ltr’, ‘8 ltr’, ’10 ltr’ flow rates. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. Ensure output of 90%(±3%) concentration of oxygen. This high percentage really is the need of the hour.

8. Lastly, concentrators that do not fulfil these conditions are less ideal for Covid cases. But, if there is no other option, other concentrators can still save lives by providing patients the necessary relief — so please purchase them if all else fails.

Last but not the least , Athi information and awareness perigithe epudaina evari life ki ayina help avvachu , kaani it is advisable to take doctors suggestion. Paristhithulu assalu baledhu , Oxygen leka janalu chanipothunaru , Tablets Shortage, Hospitals beds scarcity, Things are definitely not good. Meeru chadastham anukunna parledhu dhaya chesi avasaram lekapothe bayatiki velladhu. Vellina mask pettukune vellandi. Brathiki unte next year ayina tiragachu, mee valla inkokariki ochi vallu suffer ayithe a guilt life long untundi. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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