Here Are Some Effective Tips To Overcome Your Stress At Work Place


Arey….e office ento …chala stressful ga untondhi roju…asalu office ki vellali ane anipinchatle ” ani anukuntu unnaraa ???
Then just to try follow these small tips to get rid of that stress


1. Bayatiki vellipondi:

Yep … oka issue tho stuck ayyi unnaru..asalu em cheyyalo kooda thattatle….instead of just keep on brainstorming…ala kasepu bayatiki velli konchem oxygen theesukoni refresh ayyi .. fresh mind tho malli work ki vellandi.

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2. Just don’t work for a day :

Okka rojulo kompalem munigipovu …correct eh anipisthe ..just stop working for a while ..but again know your priorities and plan accordingly …

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3. Intiki vellipondi :

Weekend ane kakunda ….stress anipisthe …leave theeskoni intikellandi …after all family is one who knows us better and cares for us than anyone else .

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4. Talk junk :

Junk ante ….apart from work ani …office lo coffee break appudu kooda work , escalations , deadline ani matladukovadam avasarama cheeppandi …instead crack lame jokes , plan for something on weekend … Koddiga topic divert cheyyandi anthe.

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5. Don’t over work :

9 hrs , 8 hrs kurchoni work cheyyali anedhi rule kavacchu…but there are days when you don’t want to / like to work …alanti time lo just leave for the day as early as possible anthe. And mee oani aipoyaka akkade kurchuni undakkarledhu..if you’re done for the day, you’re done for the day.

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6. Commit mistakes …that’s ok :

Yeah …you are not a super computer & you have all the rights to commit mistakes …and that’s fine ….mahaa aithe em chestharu..manager tidathadu(lite) or else next time neeku ah work assign cheyyaru… But let them know how you felt, they’ll understand endhukante vallu computers kadhu ga.

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7. Move on to something else :

Oka issue thala thintunte…try to move on to some other issue for a while , or help your team with the knowledge you have on that particular thing …this will boost you to resolve your issues.

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Marii yekkuva motivation ayinatlu undhi…em parvaledhu…alanti okka issue vasthene..resign chesestha ani decide ayipoyevaraki ah matram motivation-uu , tips -uu avasaram.

Ala kakunda…what is this trash bro ??? Ani anipinchindha…..chadavadaniki insane ga unna..try once ..and u will know the importance of them !!!


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