How To Overcome Depression ? 10 Things To Do To Cross The Sad Phase Of Life!


Manam chinnappudu Physics lo nerchukunnatuu Sound Waves lo Crests and Troughs elaa common oo alage Life lo ups and downs are mostly common. Only ups matrame unte we donno what is the height of bottom valley. Exam lo fail ayyam ano, sincere ga love chesi fail ayyam anoo, Job raledu ano, intlo tidutunnaru anoo ilaa mana chuttu chala temporary things ni manalo maname ekkuvaga oohincheskuntam, depression loki vellipotuntam. Kani is depression is the only solution? Asalu ee lolli anthaa enduku cheptunnadu ani anukokandi……just to remember that how life is beautiful anthe. Lets have a look into the different things we can do follow to overcome depression.

1. Share your problem with your Besties :
Besties ante ikkada manaki mana life lo baga istamaina varu …. like parents, cousins, may be life long friends. Call them, share your problems with them. Sharing problems will reduce the burden on your brain and increase the mental strength.

2. Watch feel-good movies :
Movies ante ikkada edi padite adi kadu. You need to watch some movies like Forrest Gump, Pursuit of Happyness, Shawshank Redemption, Surya s/o Krishnan, Chak de India …….ala annamata. They make you a broad minded personality.

3. Cook anything you like :
Cooking anedi manasu ki oka chinna satisfaction ni istundi. It makes us concentrate on the work we do. Entha concentrate chesamo , ah food taste ni batti mere telusukunela chestundi.

4. Hit the Gym :
Depression lo unnappudu meku equal quantity lo frustration kuda untundi. Enduku nake ala jarugutundi ani, enduku nenu ala chesanu ani. Adhe frustration ni if you show in gym, you will be fit enough to do anything or face anything in life.

5. Learn any Music Instrument :
Life isn’t about only Education-Love-Career-Marriage kadha?! We need to try our hand in every beautiful thing. Appude life anedhi intha beautiful ga untunda ani manaki ardamavuthundi. Buy any musical instrument like a Guitar or Violin or anything. Learn it online or offline. It gives a pleasant mind.

6. Start Writing :
Yes! Start writing what ever it feels in heart. Be it a diary or a freelancing one. With writing, you yourself explores your-self. If you already have a habit of writing diary, create your own blog and then start writing.

7. Paint Anything :
Adi pot kanivvandi or paper kanivvandi or wood kanivvandi. Paint some beautiful pictures and hang them in your room. Vaati vaipu chusinappudu nenu inni cheyyagalana anna faith meelo kalugutundi.

8. Play with Pets :
What ever our mood is into, once you start playing with pets….they impart a connection to us and gives us a healthy mood endukante pets are the only ones which show extreme feelings towards us.

9. Read Books :
Read the Autobiographies like Long Walk to Freedom or Novels like Alchemist. It gives you good knowledge equipped with imagination. Ippudu unna world ni vadhili vere world lo travel cheyyinche sattha okka books ke undhi.

10. Travel Alone :
Last but not the least. Travel cheyyadam valla nature gurinchi, people mindset gurinchi telustaayi anukuntaru. Kani vatikanna mundu mana strengths and weakness lu telusthaay. Gang tho kanna solo ga travel cheste you can understand you more deeply.

Life lo happiness elaago Depression kuda anthe boss. Happiness vachinappudu manam akkade undakunda travel chestuu vacham. Alage depression vachinappudu akkade undipothe ela? Manishi ga puttadame great, andulo malli depression ani peru cheppi manaki manam restrict chesukovadam entha varaku correct? Tappu manadhi kadhu ante fight chedham, tappu manadhi ithe maname maarudham. Edaina sare life lo munduki veldhaam……because LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.


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