Naku Edupu Ostundi Mama: Things You’ll Relate To If You’re an Over-Emotional Person

Manushulu annaka vallalo anni emotions undadam and emotional avvadam rendu chala common and mandatory. Kaani vallalo kuda two types untarandi. The ones who have a correct balance of their emotions and the other is the over-emotional one. The ones who cry a lot. It might look like it’s getting extra, or even we might realize it sometimes… kaani aa tank okka saari open avthe close avvadam chala kashtam amma. Trust me!

I am pretty sure I am not the only one to belong in this category so this article is for everyone out there who belongs to the same lot. Edhi chaduthu chaduthu edcheyakande, please!

Hallucination? More like imagination!

Jarigina vishayala gurinchi edavadam, sahajam. Kaani inka jaragani vishayam midha edavadam variety. If you are an overthinker and an over-emotional person… Asalu avvani vishayanni imagine chesi, future chusi, edupu automatic ga start aipotadhi!

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Reaction to everything is crying!

Adhi oka happy moment aina, sad moment aina, bhayam aina ledha depressing moment aina, our instant reaction is to cry. Navvuthu edavadam, edusthu navvadam, ivvani maaku chala common!

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Chinna vishayam is also pedda vishayam

Nanna oka chinna maata anesina, college lo professor casual ga tittina baagaa baadha esestadhi. Little things hurt us the most.

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Bad dreams= Bad days

Dreams affect us as much as realities do. Oka bad dream tho levadam leads to a good crying session afterward. Mood for the rest of the day is obviously spoiled.

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Just don’t ASK!

Manam edusthunapudu manalni ala odilesthe ok. Adhe ochi mari, guchi guchi enduku edusthunav ani adigitey, 10 times ekkuva edupu ochestundi. Enduku ani adakkande. Maku kuda teledhu!

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Naluguru, naalugu maatalu

Enduku ala prati daaniki edustav?

Ippudu intha daaniki edusthe emaina ostadha?

Crying makes you look weak.

Ila enno ennenno. We are kinda habituated to hearing things like this. We know that our loved ones say things like this, but we can’t help it guys… Understand no…

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The tribe we love!

Manalni inka mana edupu ni ardham cheskone vallu chala takkuve aina untaaru pakka untaaru. They always understand our emotional capabilities and act accordingly. And we love them for that. Kadaa?

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Misunderstood for life

Manalni ardham cheskune vallu oka laaga untey, ardham cheskoni vallu inko rakham. Crocodile tears, donga edupu ilantivi antu untaru.

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Reel life kashtalu

Otti real life lo jarige incidents ey kaadhu, reel life lo jarige daaniki kuda equal ga react avtham. Ala mana screen lo movie oo series oo chudadam, ikkada manam edavadam. Adi happy scene aina, sad scene aina.. annitiki edupu automatic ga ochestundi. Inkenti late, ice cream tintu edcheyadam ey.

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The PMS scene

Ma over-emo ammailu, normal gaane ma emotions aa hype lo untayi antey, inka PMS apudu ela untadho adhi mi imagination ke odilestunam.

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Pakkanolla baadha kuda manadhe!

Manatho evaraina emaina share cheskuntu valla sob story cheptunnaru antey, anthe! Vallu edustharo ledho kaani manam pakka edchestam.

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We know we all are quite misunderstood. Misinterpreted. But only we know how we process. So, chill you guys! Don’t blame yourself for being how you are and channeling your emotions the way they do. Rather embrace it always. Positivity and just positivity.

Okay! Ivaltiki dinitho samaptham! See you soon.

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