Everything About New Guidelines For Social Media And OTT Platforms Released By Government Of India

Recent ga Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar and Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad press meet petti Social Media and OTT Platforms mandatory ga follow avvalsina kotha guidelines explain chesaru.

Social Media platforms ki India lo run cheskochu ani permission isthune recent ga Government konni Rules and Guidelines introduce chesaru. Social Media nundi chala mandhi benefit avuthunna , konni issues like Fake news spread avvadam, Improper And Morphed images of women which are triggering many issues , Abusive Language , Social media use chesi Defame cheyadam and also some content which is causing disrespect and hurting religious sentiments kani chala peruguthunna phase valla e Guidelines tiskoni osthunam ani Press Release lo mention chesaru

Social Media and  OTT Platforms Online News and Digital Media  ki separate ga guidelines release chesindhi government.

Guidelines for Social Media Platforms

Social Media ni kuda No of Users ni base cheskuni two types ga divide chesaru and these guidelines are for Significant social media intermediaries.

1)Social media intermediaries

2)Significant social media intermediaries

Guidelines for Significant Social Media Intermediaries

  1. Oka Chief Compliance Officer (Resident in India) ni appoint cheyali

Responsibility : Aa respective Social Media Platform, government decide chesina unna Acts and Rules ni follow ayela chuskodam aayana responsibility.

2. Oka Nodal Person ni appoint cheyalsi untundi

Responsibility : Law enforcement agencies ki 24*7 Coordination tho pani cheyalsi untundi

3. Alane Resident Grievance Officer ni kuda appoint cheyalsi untundi

Responsibility : Redressal Mechanism (Complaints , Issues , Concerns ni handle cheyadam ledha vatini rectify chese procedure)

File ayina Complaints and tiskunna actions anni every month Compliance Report chesi government ki pampinchali. Complaint 24 hours lopu address cheyali and complaint ichina 15 days lopu a complaint ledha issue ni rectify chesthu edhoka action tiskovalsi untundi. Diniki oka Robust Mechanism tayaru cheyalani chepparu.

4. Government Authorities adigithe Social media platforms a particular tweet/Message/Content ekada originate ayyindi and evaru start chesaru ane details ivvalsi untundi , okavela foreign countries nundi start ayithe India lo danni first evaru start chesaro valla details kuda ivvalsi untundi.

5. Users Voluntary ga verify cheskogalige provision edanna tiskuravalani kuda mention chesaru.

6. Removal of Unlawful Information: Okavela edanna illegal information or news Social Media Platform lo unte , Upon government order , it has to be removed.

7.Giving Users An Opportunity to Be Heard: By any chance users profiles , posts or content tisesthe a particular platform enduku ani answerable and user side story vine opportunity ivvalani kuda chepparu.

Guidelines  for OTT Platforms , Online News and Digital Media.

Inthaku mundhu mana government OTT Platforms ni content vishayam lo konni rules petti oka self-regulatory mechanism cheskomani notify chesaru

  1. Self-Classification of Content: 5 Categories (U (Universal), U/A 7+, U/A 13+, U/A 16+,)lo content ni classify chesi okavela A rated movie or U/A 13+ or higher kani ayithe , OTT Platforms oka practical and reliable Age verification technique use chesi Parental locks implement cheyalani chepparu.

2. Three Level Grievance Redressal Mechanism (Complaints , Issues , Concerns ni handle cheyadam ledha vatini rectify chese procedure)

Level 1 – Self-regulation by the publishers

Content evaru ayithe publish chestharo , a particular platform appoint chesina Grievance Redressal Officer , ante tappulni sarididhe officer anta mari google thalli cheppindhi , aayana check chesi emanna faults or concerns unte within 15 days concerned decision tiskuni avi rectify cheyali.

Level 2Self-Regulatory Body

Platform lone oka self regulatory committee arrange cheskoni , daniki head ga oka Supreme Court kani  High Court retired judge ni appoint chesi content ni regulate cheyali, and that particular committee is to be registered to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Level 3 – Oversight mechanism

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting konni Inter-Departmental Committees ni establish chesi concerns ni chusi appropriate action tiskuntundi

3. Digital Media lo publish ayye news kuda “Norms of Journalistic Conduct of the Press Council of India and the Programme Code under the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act” rules ni follow avvali ani chepparu.

4. Digital Media kani , Online news kani , OTT Platforms kani Government ichina “Code of Ethics for online news, OTT platforms and digital media” ki patisthu e content ayina release cheyali.

Ee guidelines and rules anni implement cheyadaniki Government 3 months time ichindhi , 3 months ayyaka ivi implement chestham ani mention chesaru

Meku motham video and inka clear information kavalante kinda unna official website link ledha video lo chudachu


So avandi mari government pettina guidelines , Asala veeti medha opinion enti manchidha , cheddadha , merem anukuntunaro , me thoughts ni kinda comment cheseyandi.

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