10 Simple Online Games You Can Play With Your Friends & Family

Contributed By Divya Vattikuti

Lockdown 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 ilaa prathi saari lockdown lo we tried many things at home. From Dalgona coffee to Online LUDO challenges with friends, ilaa chaalane chesaam. Kaani adhe LUDO aadi aadi bore kottesindha? Maaku kuda!!!

Andhuke we are here with some interesting and funny online games to play with your friends and family virtually.

1.Code names

If you miss playing physical board games with your friends, this game will be your favourite one. Gang antha two teams ga split ayyaka, Team lo unde Spymaster icche clue tho aa word emito guess cheyyali. Game lo danger words ni avoid chestu, anni words fast ga guess chesina Team will be the winners.

2. Among Us

Among Us is an easy game to play. Team antha kalisi tasks finish cheyyali. Team lo konthamandi impostors untaaru. Vaallu evaro discuss chesi votes vesi eliminate cheyyali. Alaa kaakapothe Impostor wins and Team looses. Aa impostor evaru ani discuss chesukovadam lo there will be so much craziness that happens.

3. Psych

Trivia, Cards against Humanity games ki cross over aythe ela untadho, ala untudhi ee Psych game. There will be so many fun categories like movies, and vaati related question ki each player need to give false answers. Correct answer guess chestu, vere vaallani mee answer correct ani cheptu outwit chesina vaallaki points vastaayi.

4. Skribbl

Pictionary laagane ee game kuda. Prathi player tanaki vacchina word ni bomma geesi cheppali. Rest of the team entha fast ga identify chesthe, antha ekkuva points vastaayi. Mee loni Picasso ni bayataki teesuku raavadaaniki this game is the best.

5. Drawasaurus

Pictionary laantidhe ee game kuda. Ee game lo unna additional facility is that you play with strangers also.

6. House Party

Video calling apps laantidhe ee House Party app kuda. Kaani deenilo special emiti ante deenilo inbuilt games chaala untaayi like Headsup, Trivia. Video chatting ki oka app, Game aadataaniki inko App use cheyyakunda, this app brings comfort in playing games with your friends virtually. Lockdown 1.0 lo manchiga hulchul chesina app idi…

7. UNO

This is one game we all played with cousins, friends, family every time. It is now available online also. UNO with Friends ani chaala websites virtual ga friends tho UNO aade facility provide chestunnayi. Also official UNO team launched an APP for the same. House party app lo kuda ee game available undhi.

8. Scrabble GO

Chinnappudu school lo notebook last page lo aadina games lo idhokati. Letters tho words build chestu undaali. Enni letters unna word create chesthe anni points. Me childhood memories rewind chesukuntu you can play this game now virtually with your friends.

9. Crazy Eights

Card games favourite aina vaallaki this game will be a treat. Konchem UNO ki similar ga unde ee game lo prathi player ki 7 cards vastaayi, and the remaining cards will be in the middle. And Number 8 is considered as wild card. The one who gets done with all the cards will be the winner. There are many apps and websites providing facility to play the game online.

10. Housie/ Tambola

This one game needs no introduction. Kitty parties, Birthday parties ila events annitlo common ga aade game Thambola. Intha favourite aina game ippudu online lo kuda aadocchu. Ticket generation nunchi Number draw cheyyadam varaku anni online lone cheyyocchu.

Tag your friends in the comments section and tell them “ Mowa online lo game aadadaam raa”. Also let us know the online games you play with your friends.

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