Anni Online lo Ne: Things That Every 2020 -21 Passed outs Will Relate To This Online Convocation Scenes

Contributed By Divya Vattikuti

Ee corona valla prathi okati online lo aypotundhi. Classes daggarnunchi exams varaku anni. Inka chesedhi leka chaala colleges and universities  convocation kuda online lo chesi swaaha anipinchaayi. Here are some relatable situations during such online convocations.

1. Administration ignoring pass out students

Ee corona valla college administration is behaving just like our politicians behaviour after winning elections. Full on ignoring students.

2. Demand for On campus convocation

When authorities decided for online convocation, chaala mandhi students and alumni associations demanded for On campus convocation saying they didn’t study five on campus to get graduated online. Paapam vaalla baadha kuda nijame..

3. Final year students after clearing all papers and waiting for convocation e like…

4. The D Day

And then finally  the convocation day arrives

5. Convocation lo they will be holding their degree like..

6. If there is an honest graduation speech, it goes like this..

7. And then when it is done finally, but you have no clue on what to do next

8. You were told that there would be 100% placements, but now College blames Corona for everything

On a serious note, if you are someone who graduated during this pandemic, but yet not figured out your career, or if your career plans are disturbed because of the pandemic, or you are not able to find employment opportunities because of the pandemic, just believe in yourself. Take this time to learn any additional courses or do things that you always wanted to. We are fighting against something larger than life, and we are all there in this together.

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